If you love Hitler, you can find a home on Twitter

According to CNN, "Facebook will no longer remove claims that Covid-19 was man-made."  Wonderful!  Yet why did Facebook appropriate the right to be an arbiter in scientific disputes to begin with?  That is similar to AT&T eavesdropping on your phone conversations and interrupting them each time AT&T believes that you made an erroneous remark.

To be fair, according to the same CNN article, Facebook took part in this scholarly dispute following "consultations with leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO)."

That is the same WHO that has consistently provided cover for Chinese propaganda since the very beginning of the pandemic.

Twitter seems to impose its view of the world on the rest of us bolder than Facebook.  In October 2020, according to the Guardian:

Twitter blocked users from posting links to the [New York] Post story or photos from the unconfirmed report.

That New York Post story dealt with Hunter Biden's business in China. It took a lot of pressure from Republicans to make Twitter unblock it.

On the other hand, those, who want to glorify Hitler seem to believe that Twitter is a good place to spread their ideas.  According to another article in the New York Post:

The BBC is reportedly investigating one of its Palestinian journalists for once tweeting that "Hitler was right" while comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Also in the same article:

The posts come after a similar outrage embroiled CNN over one of its freelance contributors, Adeel Raja, who tweeted that "the world today needs a Hitler."

I wonder what attracts Hitler's fans working in the mainstream media to Twitter.

Image: Esther Vargas via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped).

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