House Republicans have yet to be fully vaccinated against Cheneyitis

The election of Rep. Elise Stefanik as chair of the House Republican Conference has already done wonders for GOP morale.  With Ms. Stefanik as third-ranking House Republican, the GOP has a leader who fights for Republican policies, not against members of the GOP.

Still, the House vote on establishing a Januar6 6 commission indicates that 35 House Republicans are still afflicted with Cheneyitis; willing to cave to Democrat talking points rather than keep their eyes on the best interest of the GOP — and the country.

Consider the lead two paragraphs in this CNN report on the House action for a January 6 commission.

The House voted Wednesday to approve legislation to establish an independent commission to investigate the violent insurrection on January 6 at the US Capitol, with 35 Republicans breaking with their party to support the bill.

The final vote was 252-175. The GOP defections showcased a significant break with Republican leadership in the chamber and former President Donald Trump, who urged members to vote against the legislation.

Apparently, 35 House Republicans have fallen for the leftists' party line that the commotion at the Capitol, January 6, was "a violent insurrection."  In the manner, say, of John Brown at Harper's Ferry?   Or, say, the storming of the tsar's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg in 1917?

Thirty-five House Republicans are oblivious to the way they are being used by the radical left to perpetuate lies about the January 6 incident as "The [Leftist] Resistance" promoted lies throughout most of President Trump's four years in office about his being a puppet for Vladimir Putin.   That mendacious propaganda campaign started months before President Trump's election, and it was used to create the Mueller probe that lasted 22 months — and should never have lasted but for the power of the Deep State to control the media.

There was no use of arms by the January 6 "invaders" — whom, videos show,  Capitol Police allowed entry into the Capitol.  The single, solitary shooting victim was Ms. Ashli Babbitt, killed by a gunshot fired by a Capitol policeman, who remains unidentified, under circumstances still to be made known to the public.  

The GOP's Oblivious 35 are handing the totalitarian-minded leftists the rope to haul all Republican House members onto the political scaffold, transforming the United States into a one-party government.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, says he is opposed to the January 6 commission.  Can he persuade the other 49 Senate Republicans that this commission will be as fair and open as the 2020 election?  Okay, strike that, lest it riles Sen. Romney, or Sen. Collins, or Sen. Sasse, or Sen. Murkowski.  Let's just say the proceedings, the aim of this commission will be about a fair as the Moscow show trials of the 1930s.

If Republicans were vaccinated, totally, against Cheneyitis, they would 1) close ranks against all forms of leftist moves at political aggrandizement and 2) demand a status report on the work of John Durham, who's allegedly probing the manipulation of false charges arising from the Russiagate affair.  That report should include a detailed review of how the major media outlets spread the "colluding with Russia" lie throughout the Trump presidency.  Two years have elapsed since Mr. Durham's appointment to probe Russiagate.

It is a blunder of the greatest political magnitude that 35 House Republicans cannot realize that as the Mueller probe was based on a lie disseminated by the Deep State.  This January 6 commission is based on a lie, disseminated by the same source.  

It is precisely this source that poses the greatest threat to our democratic institutions.  For the sake of our democracy, the Republican Oblivious 35 must be primaried.  Rep. Stefanik, lead the way.  Republican voters are with you.

Image: NBC News via YouTube.

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