Here's some real white supremacy: The phony word 'Latinx'

Buck Throckmorton over at Ace of Spades has an expert rant, decrying the incredible racism and white supremacy of the word "Latinx," courtesy of the Democrats.

He begins:

Question: Who uses the term "Latinx"?
Answer: White, left-wing English speakers.

Question: Who doesn't use the term "Latinx"?
Answer: Latinos and Latinas.

Per a Pew Research Poll conducted in December 2019, only 3% of Hispanics use the term "Latinx." Three percent! You are more likely to find a Whole Foods customer wearing a MAGA hat than you are to find an Hispanic who identifies as Latinx.

[Quote from Pew]However, for the population it is meant to describe, only 23% of U.S. adults who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino have heard of the term Latinx, and just 3% say they use it to describe themselves, according to a nationally representative, bilingual survey of U.S. Hispanic adults conducted in December 2019 by Pew Research Center.[Unquote]

"Latinx" is a white supremacist term used by racist, left-wing Americans to marginalize Spanish speakers and to disparage their culture.

The term "Latinx" itself is overtly racist. Not only is Latinx not a Spanish word, it can't even be pronounced in Spanish. How offensively paternalistic maternalistic mxternxlistic(?) is it of liberal, white Americans to rip the identity from brown-skinned people, and then impose on them a new identity, which is an unpronounceable collection of consonants…and THEN demand that Hispanics identify by this new, unpronounceable English word.

One of the embarrassing bigotries of left-wing, monolingual, white supremacists is that they are oblivious to the fact that the entire Spanish language is gendered. Because of their racist ignorance of the Spanish language, they don't understand that the gender of a noun is indicated by the definite article ("el" / "la" ) or the indefinite article ("un" / "una" ) more so than if a word ends in "a" instead of "o".

American lefties have changed exactly one Spanish word to gender-neutral, and with that done, they now demand that Spanish speakers somehow converse like weird, left-wing English-speakers and remove all gender from their speech. This simply isn't possible in Spanish. So, in effect left-wing white supremacists are shaming Spanish language speakers for using their native language. I can't believe such ugly bigotry exists in 21st Century America.

The white supremacist claim is nuanced, yet it ultimately goes right to that place.

According to Wikipedia, the term first popped up in 2004 as an invention of Puerto Rican academics, and it has largely been used by other academics, largely white, who are the power establishment these Puerto Rican academics (assuming they're of Hispanic descent, a big "if") got their perches from.

That would explain the 3% popularity of the word among Mexican-Americans, Venezuelan-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Nicaraguan-Americans, Salvadoran-Americans, Peruvian-Americans, etc.  They don't even like the lump-classification "Latino."  Mexican-Americans, for one, generally call themselves "Mexican," the same way Boston Irish informally call themselves "Irish" and Italian-Americans say "We're Italian."  They won't even use the word "Latino," let alone "Latinx."  Even "Latino" is a goofy term cooked up here, given that plenty of people from south of our border have names like "Nelson," "Reynolds," "Hayek," "Fox," "Vollmer," "Krause" — and some, such as the native Quechua people of the Andes, don't speak Spanish. 

The big "tell" on the essential white supremacy of the term Latinx, though, is in where the term is used.  Pew found that of that tiny three percent who do use the term "Latinx," they can pretty much all be found in white-led academic settings, and often are students.

A 2020 study based on interviews with 34 Latinx/a/o students from the US found that they "perceive higher education as a privileged space where they use the term Latinx. Once they return to their communities, they do not use the term".

Tells us all we need to know.

Whities are basically imposing their cultural norms on Latinos, twisting the entire Spanish language to conform to their pre-set notions about "gender neutral" usage, which is bee ess.  The use of gender in Spanish is normal, as it is in many languages.  It doesn't create "sexism" as claimed, and it oppresses absolutely no one.  To them, only the Spanish language, see, needs to be changed to make white lefties in academia happy.  I'd love to see them try to start putting some Xs on Polish, or Russian, or Hindi, which gender just as abundantly.  Or let's see them turn every English pronoun into a neutral one, as the Finnish and Mandarin languages do.

What does the Royal Spanish Academy, keeper of standards in the Spanish language, have to say about this?  According to Wikipedia:

In 2018, the Royal Spanish Academy rejected the use of -x and -e as gender-neutral alternatives to the collective masculine -o ending, in a style manual published together with the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española (ASALE). Regarding this decision, Darío Villanueva, RAE's director said, "The problem is we're confusing grammar with machismo." According to HuffPost, some refuse to use the term on the grounds that Latinx is difficult to pronounce in the Spanish language.

They say it's trash.

It's obviously something weird coming in from the outside.  That brings us back to our white liberals and their idiot academic establishments.

It's not at all different from well-meaning whites who sought, starting in the 19th century, to strip Native American children of their roots and culture by shoving them into state boarding schools whether they liked it or not, arguing that the state could raise the children of American Indians better than Indians themselves could.  It had about the same effect as foster care on a big swathe of today's black population — a social disaster, kids growing up without fathers and feeling terribly deracinated as a result, as the life and writings of Zitkala-Sa describe here.

Knowledge of Native American languages was erased in these white-led schools, the stupidity of that clear enough when the Navajo code-talkers bailed out the allies during World War II through the use of their unique language. 

The bad Western diet of "white" processed food was introduced in these Indian boarding schools, too, leading to untold health problems in the Native population — diabetes, obesity, other plagues the entire population of all colors in the U.S. are now trying to get away from.  Indians had a pretty healthy diet before this white liberal intervention, and some are trying to recover it.  The icky history of "white" foods — processed breads, instant mashed potatoes, white sugar, Twinkies, marshmallows, flaked cereal, ugh, imposed by well-meaning liberal whites following "science" (kid you not) is described in Perfection Salad, an excellent book by Laura Shapiro, here.

The boarding schools themselves imposed on Native Americans were the work of Democrats, of course — two well-meaning white liberal characters whose main work was effected in the 19th century through their Indian Rights Association:

The Indian Rights Association (IRA) was a social activist group dedicated to the well being and acculturation of American Indians. Founded by non-Indians in Philadelphia in 1882, the group was highly influential in American Indian policy through the 1930s and remained involved as an organization until 1994. The organization's initial stated objective was to "bring about the complete civilization of the Indians and their admission to citizenship."

The organization was founded in 1883 by Herbert Welsh and Henry Spackman Pancoast after they travelled with an Episcopal mission to the Dakota Territory in 1882 and spent four weeks with the Si[o]ux agencies.

Who was Welsh?  A political campaigner for Democrats, as his Wikipedia page notes.  Yes, he was a well-meaning person, but his boarding schools took kids from their parents on a state-knows-best assumption, depriving them of their families and their culture and leaving them lost.  If people want to adopt certain things from white or American or European culture, they'll get them themselves.  They don't need well-meaning white liberals to impose it from without, something Welsh apparently never grasped.

It's the same as the leftist bid to take over the Spanish language and meld it and mold it to white-liberal "genderless" specifications, same as is done in the English language.

It's creepy, really, ultimately racist, and if the track record of leftist liberals on Indians is any indication, it's part of a long liberal record of interfering with others and attempting to remake them in liberals' own image.

It'll fail, same as everything else these white leftists try to impose on the people they claim to "help."  They fail every time.

Image: Pxhere, Creative Commons CC0.

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