France, Germany offer Israel worst advice ever to deal with latest Hamas attack

The lead story in The New York Times, May 20, on the demand (really) on Israel that it halt its self-defense campaign against the evil Hamas criminal entity, referred to France and Germany as "strong allies of Israel."  Whom is The New York Times kidding?  France?  Where Jews are advised not to wear yarmulkes outdoors lest they provoke a Muslim to attack them?  With reported millions of Muslims being accepted by the countries of Europe, how long until the streets of Europe today, resemble the streets of Europe in the Middle Ages when a Jew strolled about a city, town, or village at his peril?

And consider Europe today.  Police protection is called in, for a time, after an Islamist kills Jews — not before.  The truth remains: Islamists fear no authority in Europe when a Jew is in his line of vision.  Is there outrage when an Islamist assaults a Jew in Europe?  Not at all.

And now comes Europe again to advise the government of Israel, when Hamas or Hezb'allah rockets strike Israel — to "absorb the attack."

Donald J. Trump would never have yielded to pressure from Europe's anti-Semites.  How brave he was, willing to stand apart from our "NATO allies."  Biden has demonstrated that not only is he the puppet for the Jew-haters, but he is craven in his acceptance of their demand that the proper place for the Jew is in harm's way — even if it means letting a few hundred Gazans, here and there, serve as collateral damage.

Have the so-called "strong allies" of Israel, Macron in France and Merkel in Germany, ever denounced Hamas for putting Gazans in harm's way, as a blood sacrifice for the primary goal: killing the Jew?  Not in the slightest.

And so the Israel-haters prevail again, getting their way to convince (how easy a task that was) Biden the bashful to press Israel to give Hamas respite to lick its wounds until it restocks its rocket arsenal via Iran, the Iran bashful Biden intends to help get nuclear arms.

A few desultory questions about this ceasefire: Is Hamas to use this respite to increase armaments to be used according to the Hamas timetable against Israel's Jews?  Heaven forfend that the "international community," acting through U.N. Security Council, demands, and gets, the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.  Heaven forfend that the Hamas Charter, calling for the destruction of the Jewish state, be condemned as a gross violation of international law and, therefore, deemed — by the aforesaid international community, acting through the U.N. Security Council — null and void, its copies worthy of being placed on the ash heap of history.  Heaven forfend that the radical leftists who give aid and comfort to the murderous intentions of the Hamas terrorists be denounced as carriers of the lethal disease of anti-Semitism.  And above all, heaven forfend that the evil organs of social media ban statements from Hamas and its fellow travelers calling for the extermination of any member of the United Nations, including the Jewish state of Israel.

We are back where we were in the days of Barack Obama and his presidential predecessors, serving as enablers of the intransigent Jew-haters and their Islamist agents.

Image: Adam Jones via Flickr (cropped).

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