Facts are a real buzzkill for trendy leftist theories

The U.S. population is more or less evenly split between men and women, yet 90% of those incarcerated are men, according to FBI crime statistics.  Nearly 75% of NBA players are black, while 97% of professional golfers are white.  From these facts, it is reasonable to conclude that men commit more crime than women, blacks are better at basketball than whites, and whites are better at golf than blacks.  This isn't sexist or racist; these are observable facts reinforced by reality and observable in the world around us.

The lunacy of the left argues that prisons and professional sports are inherently racist because their numbers fail to match the demographic distribution of men and women or blacks and whites in society.  Leftists don't seek equal opportunity for all; they seek equal outcomes regardless of talents, choices, and ambitions.  Leftists don't seek the level playing field they claim; instead, they want a scheme to fix the game and dictate the score.

Asians SAT scores are the highest of any race, blacks the lowest.  Blacks are on food stamps at a rate of 27.9%.  It's 7.6% for Asians.  Black unemployment is 9.7%.  For Asians, 5.6%.  As a group, Asians are better educated, more employable, and less likely to be on welfare than are blacks.  Again, facts.

Blacks kill each other at a rate ten times higher than they die at the hands of the police.

Over 90% of black homicides are committed by black men.  Black men are about 6% of the population, yet they commit over 50% of all murders and robberies and represent over five times the prison population of whites.  Unless you're allergic to the truth, it is logical to conclude that black men are more violent and more likely to be criminals than their white counterparts.  Even though black men make up only 6% of the U.S. population, they represent about 32% of lethal encounters with police resulting in justifiable homicides.  Being killed by a cop if you are black is less likely than being struck by lightning.  Again with those awful facts.

Those who find facts racist are not thinking or rational enough to have an intelligent conversation.  President Biden swerved into the actual truth of modern liberalism when he said in a speech: "We'll take truth over facts."  The point of playing the race or the sex card is not to encourage dialogue and consensus, but to censor and stop further discussion, because on the facts, these arguments can't be won. 

When one finds facts offensive, then the truth must be offensive as well.  This way of thinking requires one to live in a world of lies.  The many Americans who have failed themselves by clinging to ignorance while rejecting reality put the future of the United States on a dangerous and self-destructive trajectory.

The United States of America isn't made up of groups; she is made up of individuals.  We are all free to accomplish what our own qualities, possibilities, and aspirations encourage us to pursue.  These decisions come from within.  Self-actualization is a unique and wonderful gift to Americans, underwritten by a Constitution that guarantees our access to the possibilities as we see them for ourselves.  Outcomes are not guaranteed, but our ability to try is.  Setbacks are certain; we learn from them.  They make us stronger, more resolute, more determined, and more grateful.  Failure isn't permanent or fatal; it is a part of a bigger and greater process as our lives go on and we build on our experiences.

Americans are a giving and generous people.  We will help everyone who is striving as best as they can to help themselves.  What we do not do willingly is suffer fools, the lazy, or opportunists.  The left today is mostly made up of heavy doses of all three. 

Bob Kingsley is a writer from upstate N.Y.  Read more of his work at bobkingsley.com.

Image: WolfBlur via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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