Disney tries to run away from the evidence of its racist push

For those conservatives already put off by Disney's using its forum with children to indoctrinate them into alternative sexualities, the company had a further fall from grace this past weekend.

Christopher Rufo, who is now the godfather of the fight against the racist Critical Race Theory, used internal documents from the Disney Corporation to reveal that it has gone all in on this theory, a cross between Marxism and the vilest eugenics Democrats produced in the early 20th century — only this time, the target is Whites, not Blacks.  It turns out Disney had the capacity to fall still farther, because its response was to deny what the documents clearly said.

The materials Disney foisted on its White employees were blatantly eugenic in nature — that is, they imputed negative behavioral and intelligence characteristics to people based upon the color of their skin.  In this case, that color was White.  In addition to insisting that America is a racist country, it said that present-day Whites continue to be responsible for the continued systemic racism in America.  Thus, it told the White people to "work through feelings of guilt, shame and defensiveness to understand what is beneath them and what needs to be healed."

White employees were also given behavioral instructions.  Most importantly, they were told that Whites may "not question or debate Black colleagues' lived experience."  Note that this is not saying you must stop denying people's emotions.  All sentient people know that it's incredibly stupid to try to tell someone else how he's feeling.  This is different because "lived experience" means facts.  Thus, if a Black colleague asserts that someone is a racist, you cannot challenge that fact if you're White.

In addition to telling Whites they cannot challenge facts that come from Blacks, they are also not allowed to express empathy.  Thus, you cannot say, "I feel you" or "I have been there."  Presumably, this is the case even if you've just been through a seminar in which you've been told that, because you are White, you are a privileged, racist oppressor.  Instead, you must respond with the banal "I hear you" or, even better, demand more information.  ("Tell me more...")

The most blatantly racist item in Disney's employee training was a checklist that required them to tick off all the items showing that they possess "White (heterosexual, cis-gender) privilege."  Because the checklist goes to the heart of Disney's laughable denial, here's the Rufo tweet with that checklist so you can see it for yourself:

Disney tried to wriggle away from the inevitable backlash following those revelations by claiming that Rufo had misunderstood the documents.  Rufo wasn't having any of that, and in a strongly-worded, fact-filled rebuttal, he emphasized that the documents are incapable of being misunderstood.  They're just straight-up racist:

I strongly encourage you to boycott Disney for as long as it thinks its mission, both within the corporation and through the products that it markets to young people, is to promote the fantasy of transgenderism, the lie that America is a systemically racist country, and the eugenic theory that Whites are inherently bad.  And if you need a little more encouragement to boycott Disney, just think of all the young Disney stars in the past 20 years who have become complete nutcases because something is deeply wrong in the formerly wholesome, patriotic company that Walt created.

Image: The cover page for Disney's anti-White "Anti-Racism" guide.  Twitter screen grab.

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