Crybaby: Chesa Boudin blames lazy, racist cops for San Francisco's crime surge and his own unpopularity

Apparently, all would be paradise in crime-pit San Francisco if it weren't for all those lazy, racist cops who are persecuting poor, heroic Chesa Boudin, the city's leftist do-nothing district attorney.

That's the word from young Chesa, stepson of Bill Ayers, son of a terrorist convicted of killing a black cop, and former Hugo Chávez adviser, who's suddenly found himself unpopular in the city and facing a voter recall.

According to KPIX5 CBS of San Francisco (hat tip:

District Attorney Chesa Boudin claimed Sunday that placing blame on his prosecutors for crime in San Francisco's neighborhoods is miscast and should be focused on the police officers union and a poor clearance rate of crimes that are reported to police.

In an interview with KPIX 5's Ken Basida, Boudin didn't mince words when it came to a public perception that he is soft on crime — a belief that has spawned two recall campaigns demanding his removal from office.

"Come down to the courthouse and watch what we're doing," he said. "Any day of the week, any courtroom. You will see my veteran prosecutors handling cases ranging from shoplifting to murder and doing it with dignity and integrity and doing with zealousness."

Boudin said the blame should be placed further down the investigative chain.

"The reality is the POA (police officers union) needs someone to point the finger at and this isn't a new issue," he said. "Look they were blaming (Vice President) Kamala Harris and attacking her when she was the district attorney. This is an age old problem in San Francisco because the POA wants to get away without doing their job. They want to get away with allowing their officers to send racist text messages, to use excessive force against the community and to engage in systematic violations of civil rights of Black and brown drivers on our streets. And I'm pushing back and demanding that they modernize, that they reform and that they respect all the members of our community."

Why, those dirty, racist cops!  All they want to do is send racist text messages and plot new ways to violate civil rights among themselves!  Besides that, in this twisted Chesa logic, cops are also against catching crooks.

Chesa, on the other hand, is pure.  The only people to blame here for the crime surge are those racist cops he depends on for cases.

Up until now, Chesa had been saying there was no crime upsurge in his "restorative justice" approach to criminal prosecutions as the city's district attorney.  He vowed to never prosecute "quality of life" crimes, such as drunks peeing in people's doorways, hookers with their "traffic" trashing apartment livability, and local miscreants for breaking windows.  He's been horrific as anti-Asian hate attacks, largely from black attackers, have skyrocketed.  In addition, he's letting the criminals out of jail, giving them amazing new opportunities to commit new crimes, and sure enough, they haven't wasted that golden opportunity.

Should it surprise anyone that with Chesa refusing to prosecute heinous cases as well as quality-of-life "broken windows" crimes, the broken windows would start to multiply, and the bigger crimes would follow?  That's the lesson of New York City in the 1990s, and precisely why Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor to get rid of it, which he did.

Should it surprise anyone that cops would retire at his desk, given the fact that Chesa is no longer prosecuting either quality of life crimes or quite a few others?  Why should cops stick their necks out to catch dangerous crooks if Chesa is not going to prosecute them?  Chesa seems to think incentives don't matter and that cops who'd rather retire at their desks, pursue a reactive police approach, and await a fat city pension might just be responding to Chesa's incentives.

Chesa's statement on the cops is an amazingly hostile one, too.  Making the phony claim that cops would rather send racist text messages than enforce the law is not going to build any bridges with this bunch.  I used to interact with the San Francisco cops a lot in the 1990s, where the cops themselves used to explain to me and my newspaper editor at the time, the late great Victor Miller of the New Mission News, that lefty policies generally made them want to just wait it out on crime and focus on protecting their pensions.  That was 25 years ago, and it was going on even then among cops in the crime-plagued Mission District.  One can only imagine what it's like now with radical left-wing Chesa in the saddle.

His attempted self-justification, with the claims that all the criticisms directed at him were also directed at Kamala Harris when she had the D.A. job, is comical.  Kamala was all in on letting all the crooks out of jail, same as Chesa.  Anyone see her anywhere near the border?

If Chesa is to be believed, lazy, racist cops are the entire reason for San Francisco's crime surge rather than his own leftist policies, which create chaos, the exact thing his moneybags, George Soros, is famous for creating.  Chesa's targets are always cops, the same people who busted his terrorist dad and vile stepfather until the latter got let out by some dumb jury — "guilty as hell, free as a bird, America is a great country."  Yet in Chesa's ridiculous statement, blaming everyone but himself for the crime surge, cops are the problem.

Were Chesa able to take the role of his hero, Hugo Chávez, and be communist dictator for a day, cops would be defunded; racism would end; and suddenly, all the shoplifting would stop at San Francisco's retailers.  Organized crime would pack up and go someplace else.  Home burglaries would vanish.  Auto-boosting would cease.  Racist assaults on Asian and Asian-American elderly people would end, and everyone would sing "Kumbaya."  "Camping" would stop.  Bums would seek rehab.  Drunks peeing in doorways would employ flush toilets and all would be a Venezuelan paradise.

What we have here is a bawl-baby.  He can't even own up to the consequences of his own bad policies.  He blames the cops, even after a lifetime narrative of claiming that police enforce the law too aggressively.  He's up for a recall now and it's obvious the voters, at least the ones who signed the petition, can see right through it.  Far from being a man's man, or at least a man's leftist, Chesa is trying to gaslight voters and blame people he never liked in the first place for his own misdoings, like some embarrassing toddler.  Far from being strong, he's nothing but a snowflake.

Image: KPIX5, screen shot, from shareable video on site.

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