Critical race theory on trial with school board recall election in Loudoun County, Virginia

At long last, the wretched state of public (i.e., government-run) schools is a campaign issue, with the public mobilized in protest over the closing of schools and the imposition of racist indoctrination in the name of Critical Race Theory.  Long accustomed to having its way with a public willing to defer to the rule of educrats and teachers' unions, suddenly, the public education colossus is facing anger and resentment over closing schools and teaching race-hatred.  The Democrat party is so closely tied to teachers' unions for funding, volunteers, and even writing official policies that finally it cannot escape the negative consequences of public school failures.

If the recall campaign targeting six school board members in Loudoun County, Virginia succeeds, Democrats are going to panic.  Critical Race Theory, defining Whites as irredeemable racists and Blacks as perpetual victims, is poisonous, and it is being used to indoctrinate our children in racism in many school systems.  In Loudoun County, it has led to a recall campaign being launched last March against six school board members.

Zoom meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Education.
Twitter video screen grab.

Loudoun Parents for Education (LPE) announced they were seeking to recall Beth Barts, Denise Corbo, Leslee King, Atoosa Reaser, Ian Serotkin, and Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan for "neglect of duty, misuse of office, and incompetence in the performance of their duties."  The six board members were accused of being part of a Facebook group that sought to create lists of parents who opposed CRT or who wanted schools open for in-person learning.

On the first day of gathering signatures, 1,300 were obtained by three dozen volunteers.  Virginia law requires that a recall petition have signatures from at least 10% of the voters for the office in the last election.  The top vote-getter among those targeted for recall was Denise Corbo, who won the at-large seat with 52,767 votes in 2019.  On day one, almost one quarter of the necessary signatures were gathered, making it seem likely that the recall will succeed in getting on the ballot.

 The LPE group just put out an ad, and it is powerful:

As the signature drive was starting, video of a Black parent addressing the school board and denouncing CRT teaching went viral:

Loudoun County, Virginia, which gave Joe Biden 60% of its presidential vote and which is the richest county in America with a population above 65,000 (413,000, estimated in 2019), home to many highly paid D.C. bureaucrats, might seem an unlikely location for a rebellion against current Democrat party orthodoxy.  But parents, especially those who both work, have been severely tested by the unnecessary closure of schools, especially in the face of private schools opening without incident.  Add in the poison of CRT, and the prospect of a grassroots rebellion against the schools-unions-Democrat turning into a prairie fire is delightful to behold.

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