Calif governor candidate Caitlyn Jenner comes out against biological males competing in girls’ sports

The campaign to recall and replace California's Governor Gavin Newsom just got even more interesting.  Caitlyn Jenner, the male now granted status as a woman under California law who is running to replace him, has just come out strongly against so-called "trans women" competing in women's and girls' athletic contests.

Ryan Saavedra report for the Daily Wire:

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete who is now transgender, said on Saturday that biological males who identify as transgender should not be allowed to compete in girls' sports because it is not fair.

"This is a question of fairness," Jenner told TMZ when asked for reaction to legislation being passed in states across the U.S. that ban biological males from competing against girls in school sports. "That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school."

It just isn't fair and we have to protect girls' sports in our schools," Jenner continued.

When asked if those beliefs were "delegitimizing" to a person's gender identity, Jenner responded, "Have a good day."

If Newsom loses the recall by even one vote, then the top vote-getter among the candidates seeking to replace him — a crowded field — would become governor, even with a vote total far from a majority.  And Jenner has a level of name recognition that is far greater than any of the other declared candidates.  This, along with California's history of electing celebrities to statewide office, even if they are Republicans, suggests that Jenner has a good chance of coming out as number one.

My guess is that Caitlyn's declaration of opposition to biological males in girls' competitions will be a net plus.  Many parents of girl athletes are horrified at the idea of biological males sharing locker rooms and showers with their daughters.  Some might even turn out and vote for Newsom's recall in order to have a chance to show support for keeping those with y chromosomes out of girls' sports.  So far as I know, the public has never had an opportunity to vote on this issue.

Jenner, who was a legitimate male athlete superhero, has a very special status to speak out transgenders in girls' sports.  He  knows what is obvious — that Y chromosomes confer a huge advantage in athletics, and those who have them should compete against others enjoying the same advantages.

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