Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki, completely departs from reality

We are all used to political spin and outright lies.  We're especially used to them when they come from the left.  However, Jen Psaki's recent statement to the press about "our southern border" is so unbelievable that there are only two possible explanations: (1) Psaki and the entire Biden administration are psychotically delusional, which is scary, considering the power they wield, or (2) they are clear-eyed about the power they wield and the control they have over the narrative, which means they're making these laughable claims to taunt their political opponents, which is even scarier.

Before you listen to Psaki's statement, be sure to orient yourself to reality: Obama opened cages for kids in 2015, when they flooded the country.  Trump ran on the promise to build a wall.  Despite the Republican Congress failing him and leftists suing him left, right, and center, with complicit judges handing down constitutionally laughable orders that Trump obeyed, Trump nevertheless kept his promise.

Trump built hundreds of miles of border wall, ended Obama's "kids in cages" policy, and returned America's immigration system to one consistent with American law and with humane policies.  He did this in part by creating a good relationship with Latin American countries, especially Mexico, which used its own police power to keep illegal aliens from flooding America's borders.

The moment Biden entered office, he loudly and clearly did away with every aspect of Trump's border policies, all of which aligned with United States law.  Instead, Biden explicitly instructed ICE to cease enforcing the laws.  The result has been an unstoppable, overwhelming flood of people, especially children, who are coming in with smugglers and traffickers.

The children, many of them sick, are warehoused along with equally sick adults.  They're sleeping at military bases and hotels.  Then, while many of these illegal aliens are still sick, Biden is putting all of them on buses and planes and distributing them throughout America, where they'll vanish from the ICE system and make their way on the welfare rolls.  Most recently, Biden pulled all funding from the wall.

Have you got those facts fixed firmly in mind?  Good.  Because you're going to need those reality touchstones when you hear Psaki's statement to the press:

After four years of an immigration system rooted in destructive and chaotic policies, President Biden is taking the challenge head on and is building a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system. That's our objective. After coming into office, our administration immediately jumped into action to address the influx of migrants at the border – something that began during and was exacerbated by the Trump administration.

The Daily Caller points out that Psaki's pstatistics (sic) about children at the border are dishonest because she's hiding the fact that, while the children are leaving Customs and Border Protection's control, they're now being warehoused at Health and Human Services facilities.  "The number of unaccompanied minors in these facilities increased 89.9% in one month while minors held by the CBP decreased by 83.4%."

As of this writing (around 1 A.M. on Wednesday), none of the left-wing media outlets have said a word about Psaki's pstatements (sic).  CNN, MSNBC, MSN, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post are all mum.  Many of them are pleased that Biden did away with Trump's cap on the number of refugees to be allowed in.  Another story about which they're surprisingly silent is Kamala Harris's claim that climate change is causing the flood of illegal aliens pouring into America.  The British paper The Sun, rather than any American outlet, provides the best coverage.

An age-old adage holds that the first casualty of war is truth.  If that's the case, the Biden administration has openly declared war on the United States of America.  What we are seeing here is not Trump's salesman-like puffery, which saw him embroider non-essential facts while sticking honestly and like glue to important data.  It's not even Obama's sly lies and promises.

As we saw with Biden's open lies about the Georgia election integrity law, the Biden administration has committed itself to a fantasy realm in which the truth is whatever it wants to say.  If American voters let the administration get away with this battlefield tactic, America will most decidedly lose this war.

Image: Jen Psaki.  Video screen grab.

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