Biden plays to the international anti-Israel crowd

And so, Joe Biden has declared, effectively, that he is not his own man.  How else to understand this report in the May 19 lead story in the New York Times: "President Biden, who had publicly supported Israel's right to defend itself, privately warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel that he could not deter growing pressure from the international community and American politicians for much longer..."?  This bizarre assertion serves, certainly, to negate Israel's right to defend itself.

The jejune nature of the not so well-meaning statements on Israel is made manifest by the absence of third-party condemnation of the inhuman practice of Hamas firing rockets at Israel.  The result: This sorry, deplorable comment attributed to Biden using the "pressure" from the usual anti-Israel suspects to place a time limit on Israel's right to self-defense.

Interestingly, if Biden had waited a few days before threatening Israel with a self-defense time limit, he could have read an accurate description of Hamas in, of all places, the Thomas L. Friedman column in the May 19 Times: "For Trump, Hamas and Bibi, It is Always Jan. 6."  Let's not focus on this absurd attempt by Friedman to dredge up another bit of anti-Trump demonization.  Instead, let's turn our attention to his statement summarizing what Hamas is all about: "an Islamo-fascist organization without a shred of democratic fiber that is dedicated to destroying the Jewish state and imposing a Tehran-like Islamic regime in Palestine[.]"

Mr. Biden, did you read that?  You are about to demand a halt to the exercise of self-defense by Israel against an organization "dedicated" to its destruction and, since May 10, that has fired more than 3,000 rockets against civilian targets in the Jewish state.  Apparently, a key rationale for the pressure you say you are under is that not enough Israelis have been killed in proportion to the civilian deaths in Gaza that are a pertinent factor in the belligerent strategy of Hamas, a strategy intended to get not so well-meaning third parties to hurl torrents of blame at the target of the Hamas goal: driving the Jews into the Mediterranean.

The immorality of the rush by Biden, as the puppet of radical Democrats and "the international community," is mind-boggling.  His failure to denounce Hamas in the strongest terms for turning Gaza civilians into human shields for Hamas is, quite simply, unconscionable — and unfathomable.

I was in error to suggest that it is unthinkable that radical Democrats and the international community should oppose the defeat of Hamas by the Israel Defense Forces.  What else explains the rush to curtail Israel's right to defend itself against that organization intent on her destruction?  The left does not want Hamas to be defeated.

And what is the response from Biden, anti-democratic Democrats, and the international community to the Hamas Charter, committed to the destruction of Israel, as well as to its practice of sacrificing civilians on the altar of religious war?  Silence.  More than seven and a half decades ago, the world was also silent.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is letting the world know today, "never again" will silence be the handmaiden of those who would snuff out Jewish lives.

Image: Oren Rosenfeld.

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