Bad times for the NeverTrump bunch over at Fox News

News organizations are bound by shareholders to be forward-looking. So what does it say about Fox News, whose popularity took a hit over its election night coverage, that all of a sudden, it's moving its obvious #NeverTrumpers away from the broadcast action as it seeks to regain market share?

Here's a tweet from NewsMax's Emerald Robinson, outlining a rough pattern:


Now, this is just a back-of-the-envelope calculation. Some, such as Francis, are out for reasons that began before the election was over -- in her case, a pay dispute, while others, such as #NeverTrump Bila, are recent cutbacks. The depth of their #NeverTrump-itude varies, too. I had never thought that Francis was truly a #NeverTrump, despite that sorry Soros incident, but perhaps I am wrong. Bila, though, was pretty obvious based on her tweets. Other purported #NeverTrumps, again, of varying degrees, are still there. Brett Baier is still there. Harris Faulkner is still there. Paul Ryan still sits on the Fox board. It's also possible there are right-wingers who aren't #NeverTrumps who are out, too. Leftists, such as Brazile and Williams, are in another category and it's hard to judge conclusively what's going on there, too as both are individuals, same as the others.

Yet there does seem to be a pattern of #NeverTrumps now losing dominance, even as Tucker Carlson continues to go strong, Gutfield! is besting all but one of its late-night competitors and getting better, and others, such as Fox Business's Charles Payne, continue to rise sharply in the ratings.

It would make sense for the money-minds at Fox to read which way the wind is blowing, focus on where their viewers are going, and adjust their lineups accordingly. All businesses worth their salt seeks to satisfy their customers and Fox, which employs the smartest people in the industry, would surely know that. And yes, the winds are blowing in the direction of Trump Republicans, the more Fraudy Joe puts his ideas into action, the more his do-nothing vice president preens for the cameras, and the crazier the leftists all around them get what they want. Democrats have internal polls telling them only bad things about their 2022 prospects and reportedly they are terrified of a "House wipeout," as this columnist here notes. CNN's ratings, meanwhile, have gone into the toilet.

Fox, being no fool, would know this stuff, too, and adjust their lineups accordingly, not just to satisfy their customers, but to stomp their competition one more time. Maybe the wokester corporations out there, still taking their cues from leftists, can get a clue.

Image: Johnny Silvercloud, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0 






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