At what point do adverse reactions matter?

I am not an anti-vaxxer, though I am sure to be labeled as such.  Feel free to lump me in with the group of "hesitant" vaxxers, however.  My logic is that we simply do not have enough data about the longer-term effects of the new vaccines and their delivery methods to know if they are really safe.  All indications that I have read from many experts indicate that the vaccines and delivery method are safe, but life experience tells me to see how they stand the test of time.  My analysis of COVID data also leads me to the conclusion that not everyone should get the vaccine.

Tucker Carlson pointed out recently that some 3,700 people in the U.S. who have received the COVID vaccine died shortly after receiving it.  He gets his data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  He also pointed out that about an average of 100 people die each year from the flu vaccine.  He added that, after receiving the COVID vaccine, there were "nearly 900 non-fatal heart attacks in people who just received the shot.  Twenty-seven hundred people reported unexplained chest pain.  In all, the vaccine, according to the government reporting system, appears to have contributed to at least 8,000 hospitalizations."

Just looking at deaths, this means that about 35 per million (0.0037%) COVID-vaccinated Americans will die, as opposed to less than 1 per million (0.0001%) who die from the flu vaccine.  Admittedly, these numbers are both very small, but they are significantly different from each other.  They indicate that a person is 53 times more likely to die from the COVID vaccine than the flu vaccine.

Keep in mind that I am using the same "death" criteria as the U.S. government and medical institutions are using to count COVID deaths (i.e., if you test positive for COVID and die, you presumptively died from COVID).  Under that analytical framework, if you had the COVID vaccine and died soon after — for whatever reason — the vaccine killed you.  Once again, we are at the mercy of questionable data, and this is because proper data analysis is hard; very expensive; time-consuming; and subject to bias depending upon who is doing it, why, and who is paying for it.

As expected, I have not found precise data on the ages of people dying from the COVID vaccines.  Is it young people?  Middle-aged?  Elderly?  If it is young people dying — say, up to 50 years of age — then perhaps the government shouldn't be advocating vaccinations for them.  They make up only about 2.6% of COVID deaths, while 96% of COVID deaths are in people over the age of 50 (and over 50% of those deaths are people over the age of 80).

Let me add that I still believe that the number of actual COVID deaths in the U.S. is less than 100,000.  You can see some of my logic for that claim in my article "Pandemic or Syndemic: How Deadly COVID-19 Isn't."  If I am anywhere near correct, then the death rate of the vaccines is equal to 3.7% of the deaths actually resulting from COVID.

What other vaccines do we mandate with such overall poor safety margins relative to the Infection Fatality Rates of the diseases they are intended to prevent?

Image: Vaccination by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay.

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