An alternative hypothesis for the madness in America

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

—Sherlock Holmes (in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of the Four).

Suddenly, the news is filled with stories about UFOs.  This is because the Pentagon has been releasing information about the many times military personnel have spotted inexplicable flying objects in the sky.  There's a theory, too, that these objects have been zipping around the seas and oceans.  It occurred to me that these stories may help explain the irrational nature of American politics in 2021.  Or perhaps there's a more ordinary but even more worrying explanation for 2021's madness.

Here are the questions that indicate an alien intelligence behind American policies:

1. The U.S. aborts a sizable proportion of its population.  What species does that to its young?  Are there any parallels in nature?

2. The U.S. educational system continues to dumb itself down, churning out a generation of graduates less competent than its forebears.  What civilization can survive that?

3. A once industrial colossus, the U.S. is deindustrializing under the banner of climate change, yet China, which is the largest polluter on the planet by far, continues unchecked.  What functional society commits societal apoptosis like this?  Ancient Troy, perhaps?

4. The U.S. is instituting policies that will degrade the morale and effectiveness of its military and intelligence services.  How long does such a nation tend to last?

5. Appeasing BLM and Antifa and passing race-based legislation and education programming, even while declaring holy war on "white supremacy," the powers that be seem intent on stoking racial tension in the U.S., not reducing it.  When did MLK's dream of a colorblind America mutate into this?  And whom does it serve?

6. The U.S. leadership cadre seems to espouse a "what the hell," beyond libertine moral ethos that allows and espouses consorting and cavorting with known avowed perverts such as Epstein.  Do they know something that they haven't shared with us Muggles?

7. The U.S. elite is fully on board with a globalist playbook that revokes America's national sovereignty and borders.  In history, has a nation ever turned on itself by de facto dissolving its territorial borders and teaching its young to hate itself?  Are there any historical parallels?

It's possible that a "behind the curtain" ruling "Star Chamber" (literally, I suppose) of three-eyed lizards from the planet Zarkon have taken control of our affairs.  That would nicely explain why the U.S. of the past 20 years so closely resembles a lemming barreling ahead to the cliff edge.  For the 20 or so Charlie Sheen fans still out there, check out the film The Arrival.  It sums things up nicely.

But for the slightly less conspiratorial and sci-fi among you, substitute the Chinese Communist Party for the green-blooded lizards from Zarkon, and you may be getting close to the mark.

Image: UFO videos.  YouTube screen grab.

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