A young leftist is shocked to find herself on the receiving end of cancel culture

Emily Wilder graduated from Stanford last year. At the beginning of May, she landed a job working for Associated Press. Two weeks later, she found herself fired because conservatives discovered her wildly pro-Palestinian social media activity while in college. She’s figured out that she was “canceled” but cannot grasp that this happened because conservatives have finally adopted leftist tactics.

According to an article in The Federalist,

Emily Wilder, a former Arizona Republic reporter and graduate of Stanford University, tweeted that she accepted a position with the AP in April. The Twitter post was dug up by the Stanford College Republicans, a group that frequently probes into former and current student political activities. Wilder’s Twitter account has since been switched to private mode.


Wilder led an effort on Stanford’s campus to host antisemitic cartoonist Eli Valley. Valley frequently draws Jews in an offensive way and has depicted Nazi imagery in his work. The former Stanford student was the co-leader of Students for Justice in Palestine as well. A spokesman for the AP told the The Federalist that the outlet “requires employees to abstain from political activity.”

In 2017, Wilder helped lead a rally at the Taglit-Birthright office in New York. The organization gives Jewish people an opportunity to travel to Israel for a low cost for a spiritual and religious experience. Wilder posted on Facebook about the event and referred to Jewish businessman Sheldon Adelson as a “naked mole-rat looking billionaire.”

There’s more at the link detailing Wilder’s almost genocidal hostility to Israel and her uncritical adoration for the region’s Arabs.* In addition, according to the Stanford College Republicans, which outed her, the group she worked with had ties to Hamas:

Given her Hamas ties, no wonder that even Tom Cotton got in the act:

If one assumes that Wilder was a journalism major, she should have known better than to show herself a wild partisan in college. As it was, she so blatantly violated the AP’s requirement that its employees appear impartial (outside of their wildly biased writing, of course) that the AP immediately fired her. Additionally, AP must know that Israel has proof that it was working closely with Hamas in Gaza, both to obtain stories from it and to protect it. That made Wilder, who was tied to a Hamas-friendly organization, way too toxic.

SF Gate interviewed Wilder who is painting herself as a victim of cancel culture:

“There’s no question I was just canceled,” Wilder told SFGATE by phone Thursday afternoon. “This is exactly the issue with the rhetoric around ‘cancel culture.’ To Republicans, cancel culture is usually seen as teens or young people online advocating that people be held accountable over accusations of racism or whatever it may be, but when it comes down to who actually has to deal with the lifelong ramifications of the selective enforcement of cancel culture — specifically over the issue of Israel and Palestine — it’s always the same side.”

Wilder’s correct. For at least a decade now, leftists have been using cancel culture to silence conservatives. At long last, conservatives are fighting fire with fire. Leftists will no longer be exulting in their cancel culture power. Instead, they’ll start figuring out that cancel culture can be used against them too. In other words, they’ll finally be getting burned by the same fire with which they’ve so blithely played for so long.

But there’s actually more at work here. Conservatives have been canceled for refusing to abandon reality. They have been canceled for saying that “all lives matter,” that men cannot have babies, that America is the least racist country in the world, that illegal aliens shouldn’t be allowed to breach the border and instantly acquire the full rights of citizens, etc.

By contrast, Wilder lost her job because her past activities show that she should not have been hired in the first place. Her prior conduct meant she was unqualified for her job and, arguably, got the job using false pretenses. (Although one would think that AP, a journalism company, would make the effort to research the social media history and activism of its new hires.)

Oh, and one more thing: Wilder believes that everything she said and did is okay because she’s Jewish. She is a reminder that the most toxic anti-Semitism, at least as far back as Karl Marx, emanates from self-loathing Jews.


*As a reminder, I will never again refer to Arabs living in the West Bank, Gaza, or Israel as Palestinians. Doing so confers on them an entirely false historical legitimacy. They are colonial occupiers trying to evict from the land a people who have the same genetic lineage, speak the same language, and worship the same God as their ancestors who lived in the country more than 4,000 years ago.

IMAGE: Emily Wilder, former AP reporter. Twitter screengrab.

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