A leftist police-defunding pol gets his car stolen out from under him in Atlanta

There's nothing like a leftist getting a taste of his own medicine.

That brings us to Atlanta, where Antonio Brown, an Atlanta city councilman and mayoral candidate, got his car stolen out from under him, following his vote to defund the Atlanta Police Department.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

An Atlanta city councilman and mayoral candidate running on a campaign of "reimagining public safety" became a victim of the city's crime wave Wednesday when his SUV was stolen after an event.

Four people jumped into Councilman Antonio Brown's 2016 Mercedes 450 and took off while he was speaking to a business owner, according to an Atlanta police report.

In addition:

In a phone call with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Brown said the car thieves appeared to be kids and that one of them "acted as though he had a gun."

"You don't immediately think, 'Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,'" Brown said. Like many modern vehicles, Brown's car has keyless push-to-start ignition and he did not realize it had been started at first.

The councilman said he held onto the car and was dragged about a block down the road before letting go.

"He started to go faster and faster," Brown said.

The theft comes within weeks of Brown announcing his mayoral campaign amid an increase in violent crime across the city.

Naturally, the clown learned nothing from it.

He called the police, availing themselves of their still funded services, given that the defund-the-police measure he voted for failed, and, according to the New York Post, even thanked them.

But he learned nothing from it.  Like any leftist, he still wanted to dictate the law himself.  He declared he didn't want the apparently organized ring of perpetrators at all prosecuted, despite what they did.

Authorities confirmed they later found his car, but did not say if they made any arrests. Brown said he doesn't want to press charges, according to WAGA-TV. 

It appeared that the kids acted out of desperation, Brown told WSB-TV

What's the problem here?  Let them go, they're young, they're desperate.  The un-apprehended thieves can now go on to carjack others and profit from it, fully loaded with new city "services" he advocates.  They didn't mean to be bad, see.  More government spending will make them turn nice, so his logic goes.  It's like Jimmy Carter cubed, and there's something in the water in that city.

What's more, he wants his cake and to eat it, too.  He wants his car back, see, but still no police to, well, police the streets.  Like any leftist, he seems to think he can wave a magic wand, and get his car back without police.

To extricate himself from the obvious public relations problem, one that comes on the heels of a Black Lives Matter activist in London being shot by a group of apparent black gangsters, Brown made a big deal about the thieves being "little kids."

It was strange stuff, number one, because it's unlikely they would have had the driving skills to do what they did if they were of the ages 6 or 7, as he claimed.  Number two, it would be even more disturbing if they did, given the cultural rot that would have to be in place for seven-year-old carjackers to be successfully operating a carjacking ring freely in Atlanta.  Being children and all, we are supposed to think they're "sympathetic," not disturbing, and never mind the city-street predatory piracy, which involved dragging Brown down the street as the carjacker stepped on the gas. 

Nice try, bozo.  Brown's obsession with the attackers' ages is a red herring to divert from the real issue at hand, which is that Atlanta is mired in blue-city violent crime, led by adult criminals, and this clown still thinks the problem is police and prosecutions.

According to the Journal-Constitution:

Homicides are up at least 52% from this time last year, while the number of shootings has increased more than 40%, according to the Atlanta Police Department's most recent crime data.

What a lovely picture.  But rather than curb criminals, he excuses criminals, all the while wanting his property back and relying on the police to get it for him.  And rest assured, he's politically connected, so he got those police services.  The ordinary Joes in Atlanta aren't, so too bad about them.  His call to let the perpetrators go opens the door for more crime victims to be created — store-owners, little old ladies, other teenage drivers, people who can't defend themselves.  He's a living example of someone actually perpetrating Atlanta's crime wave on the little guy, yet he exempts himself from the obvious consequences.

And he still expects cops to get him back his car.

If Atlanta's voters vote for this leftist laughingstock, they'll deserve every last thing they'll get.

Image: Fox News screen shot via shareable YouTube video.

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