A leftist mother has a woke reading list for her infant son

One of my frequent themes is that modern American leftism has driven white women – especially middle-class white women – insane. The latest entry in this category is a TikTok video in which a white woman with a son who looks to be about two months old shows off the woke little books she got him so he won’t grow up to be an “awful” white male.

I got over my feminism when I gave birth to a most adorable, loving, little boy. He was going to be wonderful! And I started to hate feminists when I saw a 12-year-old girl on the street wearing a t-shirt that said, “Boys have feelings, too. Who cares?” I knew then that I’d have to fight for my son, something I did right until the parent orientation at his college when I forced the Title IX seminar hosts to discuss how the college would protect boys from predatory females making false rape claims.

However, I went in a different direction from my white, middle-aged, middle-class female peers and their poor daughters. We first got a glimpse into the madness of modern middle-class white women when Trump was elected in 2016.

The day after the election, I met a young leftist woman who was weeping inconsolably about Trump’s ascendence. It turned out that what concerned her most was that, with Trump in the White House, her nine-year-old son would inevitably grow up to be a rapist. She seemed less concerned about the fact that, had Hillary won, there would have been an actual rapist in the White House, rather than a man who pointed out, quite accurately, that when you’re a billionaire a certain class of woman will consent to anything.

In January 2017, tens of thousands of shrieking harridans wearing pink “pussy” hats were on the streets giving voice to their vaginas and insisting that they “believe” in science. That was bad, but worse was in store in 2020. After three more years of politically correct indoctrination in high schools and colleges, and three months of lockdowns in blue states, these same women went on a nationwide rampage. This time, the shtick was insane screaming in their cars, yelling hysterically at police officers, and engaging in acts of abasement driven by racial self-loathing.

And you may (or should) be asking, what about the children? I’m glad you asked. After all, I opened this post by talking about women who have sons. While these crazy women may hate themselves, they hate white men even more. After all, they’ve been told their entire teen and adult lives that there is no creature in America more evil than a white male.

One young woman, the mother of a very little baby put out a TikTok video addressing her solutions to the problems inherent in racing a white male. She conceded that Bennett is a “little cutie” but she knew he wasn’t going to stay that way for long. Instead, without assiduous indoctrination, little Bennett was on a straight path to the hell of being “awful, which clearly he will be because he’s a white male.” She then proudly showed off the woke toddler board books she bought, all teaching him that he better damn well keep his hands off women and clean house instead:

Christians had Original Sin. Leftists do, too -- without redemption.

It’s tragic that someone would visit the burden of this kind of prejudice onto their own child. The internet did not take it well:

Self-loathing is no way to raise children or, for that matter, to run a country. While our geopolitical enemies are strutting the globe, proud of themselves and their culture, leftists are busy driving us into a ditch filled with race hatred, self-loathing, reverse sexism, and a whole nest of other ideological vipers prepared to kill us all.

IMAGE: Woke mother of poor little baby boy. Twitter screengrab.

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