A frequently published CNN freelance contributor really loves Hitler

Over the years, Adeel Raja has had his byline on 54 stories published at CNN and has been working with CNN as a freelance contributor for almost eight years.  Raja also has a longstanding record of publishing Hitler-worshiping tweets.  He's not shy about his love for the Holocaust, yet CNN keeps going back to him — maybe because a lot of people at CNN agree with him.

The Islamabad-based Raja started working for CNN in 2014, covering Pakistan.  Between January 2, 2014 and September 16, 2020 Raja had his byline on 54 articles published at the CNN website.  During those same years, Raja was open about his admiration for Adolf Hitler:

For Raja, that desire for Hitler to return has been peaking as Israel defends herself against Hamas's murderous onslaught.  On Sunday, Raja tweeted out that "The world today needs a Hitler."

The worst thing about Raja’s tweets is that they fit in so well at CNN. While nobody based in America would ever be as blatant as Raja in his hatred for Jews specifically, CNN makes no secret about its dislike for Israel, which, by sheer coincidence, is the only Jewish nation in the world.  Many of its employees are also open in their support for the Arabs living in Gaza,* even though these same Gaza residents have voted for Hamas, which is dedicated to the eradication of Israel and her residents.

Last week, CNN host Fareed Zakaria pretty much said Hamas's raining thousands of rockets on Israeli civilians was a necessity because Israel does not give them "political rights."  Zakaria seems unaware of the fact that Israel has no political control over Gaza, from which Israel withdrew in 2005.  The Gazans look to Hamas, not Israel, for their governance.

Also last week, Ben Wedeman, who is CNN's international correspondent, insisted that the only solution is a one-state solution, which means that Israel ceases to exist as she is demographically overrun and controlled by Arabs.  Also, like all anti-Israel correspondents, his report has faceless, robot-like Israelis facing off against sweet, ordinary Arabs in Gaza.  Through subtle spin, Israel is the jackboot, and, in an evil inversion of history, the Arabs have become the Jews.

And also within the last week, CNN's Becky Anderson, an international anchor, while interviewing former Israeli defense minister Naftali Bennett, accused Israel of firing indiscriminately into Gaza and of violating international law.  She said this with a straight face even though Hamas has launched 3,000 rockets at Israel's major coastal population centers, while Israel has responded with meticulously targeted strikes against Hamas military leaders and sites, and always first gives a warning so civilians can avoid the line of fire.

I find it hard to imagine CNN taking any steps to discipline Raja or cease working with him.  He's the perfect freelance reporter for CNN because his anti-Semitic ideology fits right in.


*As a reminder, I will no longer refer to the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank as Palestinians because that gives them a legitimacy that history proves they lack.  They are the squatters and colonialists.  Israelis are the true indigenous people.

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