A California assemblyman got triggered on the streets of San Francisco

One of the most shocking things about gun-grabbing Democrats is their ignorance about guns, legal gun–owners, and gun culture.  That ignorance was on display Sunday when David Chiu, a California assemblyman, was walking the streets of San Francisco and discovered the abandoned packaging for a Glock.  The horror!  Except it wasn't a Glock at all, something he would have realized if he'd read the packing or known anything about gun sales.

David Chiu put out a panicked tweet (since deleted) about his shocking find on the sidewalks of San Francisco:

If only Chiu, a multi-credentialed Harvard grad who rose up through the hard left ranks of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, had paid a little more attention to that packaging, he might not have had this nightmare experience.  Sharp-eyed Twitter users read the fine print in the photograph:

The Airgun Depot explains the details of that Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol that horrified Chiu:

The Glock 19 Gen. 3 is well known for its iconic designs & reliability — now Umarex has brought it to the airgun market as an officially licensed BB pistol. Take your tactical training sessions up a notch with the this CO2 semi-auto BB pistol which looks and feels like the real thing. If you love tactical accessories, the Glock 19 has an integrated Weaver rail to add your favorite laser or tactical.

If Chiu had ever bothered to investigate actual guns, he would have known that real guns don't come in little plastic packages with holes cut out to hang on hooks.  Of course, he would have reached the same conclusion if he'd thought before posting.

And that moment of not thinking is really what Chiu's "silly me" moment captured: leftists, even Harvard graduate leftists, function on pure emotional reflex.  There's no knowledge or reason backing up their opinions.  Whatever they feel is "their truth."  That's how Chiu can walk down a San Francisco sidewalk, see a package for a toy, and blast out his ignorance to the world.

Having said that, as a parent, I wouldn't want my child to own a BB gun or air gun that, once removed from its packing and seen from a distance, looks like an actual weapon.  As we know, when a young person waves these perfect replicas around in front of a police officer, that officer has no way of knowing that the gun (sans packaging) isn't an actual weapon — and the officer will respond accordingly, because he reasonably believes he must shoot to save his life or the life of another.

Additionally, were I, an adult, using that toy for adult shooting games, I would make damn sure that I never carried or used it in a way that might give the wrong impression to law enforcement.  Just sayin'...

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