The Disney Corp. has taken a deep dive into race-hatred

Going back to the late 1920s, every single child raised in America has intersected in some way with products from Walt Disney: we've watched the movies and TV shows, sung the songs, worn the clothes, and visited the theme parks.  Through it all, Disney stood for wholesome family entertainment.  That is no longer the case.  Disney is a hardcore leftists corporation that is pushing its politics on children and training its employees to be white-hating racists or self-loathing white people.  It's time to give up Disney.

During Walt Disney's tenure, his company also generated propaganda.  Behind all the wonderful entertainment, the company was pushing several themes: heterosexual love is real, the nuclear family matters, American patriotism is important, and God is a beneficent presence in our lives.

Many parents and grandparents buying Disney videos for their children or taking family trips to the theme parks operate under the mistaken impression that this is still the case.  They're half right.  Disney is still generating propaganda, but it's about race and sex in ways many parents may not support.

Just the other day, we learned that Disney's Pixar is planning to introduce a so-called "transgender" girl character for its next Toy Story movie.  That means it is going to have a boy who thinks he's a girl as a character in a movie aimed at little children.  Disney's also focused on gay characters in Onward and Out.

It turns out that these forays into pushing the cultural window farther and farther left are bagatelles compared to what's going on behind the scenes.  Journalist Christopher Rufo has become the go-to person for whistleblowers who want to expose their employers' deep dives into Critical Race Theory.  He received a doozy of a blown whistle about what's happening in the Disney corporate offices, which are forcing employees to embrace CRT and gender madness.

There is no real difference between CRT and old-time eugenics.  While the latter came up with stupid, scientific-sounding, race-hating palaver about Blacks being racially inferior, CRT does the same, only it claims that Whites are racially inferior.  Both are evil doctrines.  Eugenics paved the way for Hitler, who was inspired by the racial laws Democrats passed in the South.  It's worrisome to contemplate what CRT will inspire.

At Disney, employees are being bullied into believing that race, an immutable part of every person, is the ultimate determining factor about that person.  At the same time, they're being taught that a person's sex, which is another immutable factor, is infinitely malleable based on feelings.

Moreover, as you read through this nonsense, you'll realize that it's simply using racism and sexual identity disorders as a vehicle for Marxist socialism:

What the Disney corporation is doing, to the extent it discriminates against (and humiliates) White people, is illegal.  It's also immoral and profoundly un-American.  If you are one of the more than 75 million people who voted for Trump, and who therefore believes in a colorblind, free America, you need to boycott the company starting yesterday.

Image: Walt Disney.  YouTube screen grab.

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