Wow! Ben Domenech humiliates Chris Wallace on air for his Biden speech puffery

I confess that like most Americans, I had no interest in watching Joe Biden's non–State of the Union address to a mostly empty House chamber hosting a joint session of Congress.  That's why I missed a golden moment during the commentary afterward on Fox News Channel, one that surely stands as what the progressives like to call a "Profile in Courage."

You may have noticed that in recent weeks, FNC has been trying out various personalities from its stable of commentators as hosts of Fox News Primetime that airs in the 7 P.M. Eastern timeslot, the lead-in to Tucker Carlson's program, its (and cable news's) ratings leader.  I presume that the personality who does what the executives deem the best job, or maybe gets the highest ratings, or the highest Q Score, will be rewarded with hosting duties on a regular basis.  This would be a Very Big Deal for the person snagging the honor.  Last week, the host of the program was Ben Domenech, co-founder of The Federalist.

With a potential plum like that a possibility, Domenech deserves a lot of credit for responding to Chris Wallace's praise for Biden's speech the way he did.  I don't know why FNC regards Wallace so highly, but he does host Fox News Sunday and virtually always serves as a commentator after major political events.  Somebody up there (on the executive floors of FNC) likes him.

Watch the 2-minute video embedded below while you can.  It is quite obviously an unauthorized recording of the segment, shot by a camera recording a TV screen, and therefore subject to being pulled down for copyright reasons.

I found the clip via Ace, who found it at a site that is new to me: Love Breeds Accountability, which called it a "Master Class In Speaking Truth To Power As Ben Domenech Exposes Chris Wallace's Journalism Grift."

Wallace had just finished his regular routine of pretending to be totally oblivious to the lavish praise he heaps on America Lasters and the seething hatred he harbors for America Firsters. This time around, specifically, he was pretending to be really surprised at just how well he thinks Biden's speech went (shocker!), and how well he truly believes in his heart of hearts it will be received by the American people (shocker!). (snip)

BlueAnon conspiracy theorist and America Last propagandist, Chris Wallace, wanted Fox News viewers to believe that Biden's speech was really something uniquely remarkable that will be remembered as such and well-received by an American public that's eager for what Demented Joe is selling.

That's the reality that legacy news media propagandists like Chris Wallace are circling the wagons to convince Americans is the truth.

But Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist and all-around baller, has a little something to say about Chris Wallace's history of "waxing eloquently" over Joe Biden speeches, alongside Wallace's record of getting so many things so spectacularly wrong.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.