Which is a stronger conservative platform: A new party or a new media?

In June 2020, after four years of non-stop, worldwide hatred for Donald Trump, I got to thinking about why I don't hate Donald Trump — a well received essay that you can find here.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since that article was published, Trump is gone, and the evil left is in charge.  We wonder what Trump will do next.  Will it be a new social media platform or a run again in 2024?

That's probably my dilemma as well.  Sort of.  I'm in Australia, so I'm not contemplating running for office in 2024.  However, thanks to Trump, politics has become a real passion for me.  From pushing the "post" button, nervously proclaiming I was a Trump-supporter, to being the admin for my Facebook group Talking Politics and Issues, it has been an exciting ride.

In my earlier American Thinker article, I mentioned Talking Politics and Issues, which led to being inundated with new members from America.  It was an exciting time with membership virtually doubling in a few days.  Before that, the group was mostly filled with Australians, particularly those from Tasmania.  Many of the Americans were surprised at how knowledgeable Australians were about American politics.  It was a rewarding time with the blending of the two countries.

Even before the 2024 U.S. election, however, things began to change with Facebook's censorship.  Our distribution was reduced, and the posts appeared lower in members' news feeds.  We suddenly received notices of multiple admin violations due to "false information."  If the violations continued, we were told, the group Talking Politics and Issues would be disabled.  (I have already set up the group on MeWe as a backup if this happens.)  It has been a disappointing time with censorship, the Democrats in charge, and dealing with the COVID "crisis."

It feels as if the world is changing for the worse with the Great Reset, vaccination passports, vaccination apps, lockdowns, and restrictions ruling our lives.  It has led me to think, what else can I do?  It is all very well having a censored Facebook group and a Twitter feed where I can voice my own opinion and share others' thoughts, but will that bring about a change in society?  Is it time to put my money where my mouth is?  Time to act.

My first thought was to get into local politics and run for the councilors' positions on the local council.  It seemed to be the natural step up from having an interest in politics.  It still may be something I do.  Whether it is independent enough for me, I do not know.

I have also had various conversations with people about starting up a new conservative political party with the intention of fighting wokeism, cancel culture, climate change, political correctness, and other societal issues — a party that values freedom of speech, common sense, and middle-class values.  It is a massive job to start a political party, financially and logistically, so 100% effort and commitment would be required.  The rewards would be immense, too.  Is it feasible?  I will give it due consideration.

I flip-flop between these two options, but another thought has entered my mind: establishing a media organization that presents the news and opinions of conservative, independent thinkers. A media hub based in Tasmania. In Australia, there is only Sky News to cater to those of the conservative persuasion, so maybe there is a need for a second platform.  This would include radio and TV to present the thoughts and opinions of free thinkers in an environment that the left (which is ascendant in Australia) cannot censor.

Currently, Brian Carlton is probably the only announcer in Tasmania not afraid to voice his opinion and challenge the left.  Why can't there be more?  If I were dreaming, I would see a building housing a conservative TV Channel and radio station to air fresh ideas.  It would be a place where interviews are held, videos made, news compiled and presented.

Most of the news organizations in Australia are left-leaning, so it's no wonder the population is brainwashed!  I am stunned at the beliefs held by family and friends who are so convinced by what they see on television or hear on the radio.  Why not provide an alternative?  What will happen to the right if socialism and the Great Reset are rampant?

Is it a fanciful dream?  I will let you consider.

What will have the biggest impact and influence — a conservative medium or a new conservative political party?

Image: On Air sign by Arielinson.  CC BY-SA 4.0.

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