What's happening in California prisons was entirely predictable

For those who are wondering how the Democrats' "Equality Act" — requiring people to be treated according to their gender identity — will operate if passed, we're getting some foreshadowing from California.  On January 1, a law went into effect holding that state prisoners must be housed in a facility consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their anatomy.  To date, 261 prisoners — 255 of them men — have asked to be relocated.

The reasoning behind the law wasn't just the usual woke madness of treating transgenderism as if it were not a sad case of body dysmorphia but were, instead, a magical change in sex.  Instead, there was a humane goal: men who identify as women, when placed in all-male prisons, are extremely vulnerable to prison rape.  One man in Australia claimed that he was raped over 2,000 times, which, if true, is appalling.

However, when you place men in women's prisons, there's also a rape problem, with the men — many of whom claim to be lesbians — raping those women unlucky enough find themselves in the same cell, ward, or shower as one of these so-called "transgender women."

England has been engaged in this transgender experiment for a while, and the rape risk has proven to be real, not merely hypothetical:

The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has revealed that inmates who identify as transgender are responsible for a rate of sexual attacks that is exponentially higher than their proportion of the population of women's jails and prisons.

In response to a question that former Labour Party General Secretary Baroness McDonagh put before Parliament, the MoJ has acknowledged that, while inmates who identify as transgender make up about one percent of the 3,600 inmates in women's jails and prisons, they have committed 5.6% of all reported sexual assaults.

The most famous transgender prison rapist in England is a man calling himself Karen White, who was sent to prison after stabbing a neighbor.  Despite a history that included sexual assault, exposure, sexually abusing minors, and cruelty to animals, he ended up in a women's prison, where he promptly sexually assaulted women.

The problem isn't limited to England.  In Illinois, which was required by a court order to re-house so-called "transgender" prisoners, a woman filed a federal lawsuit claiming that a man who identified as a "transgender woman" raped her.

Given these facts, it's concerning that 261 prisoners have requested transfers under the new law:

Two-hundred sixty-one California state prisoners have requested transfers to facilities that house the opposite gender since a new law went into effect on Jan. 1 — and 255 of them have requested to move from a male to a female corrections facility.

So far, the prison system has approved only a few transfers, but it hasn't rejected any of them yet.  And according to Breitbart News, even the reliably leftist Los Angeles Times has conceded that several men are thought to have applied "under false pretenses" and that female prisoners are getting worried.

Regarding those effeminate men in all-male prisons, the punishment should be that they are imprisoned, not that they are raped.  The answer, however, isn't to transfer fully equipped men to a women's prison.  Instead, the prison system must have separate facilities for these men.  That's the only way to protect them from rape while ensuring that the exceptionally deviant or duplicitous among them don't go on to rape female inmates.

Image: Karen White poster by Fair Play for Women.

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