What the left ignores in all these anti-Asian hate crimes

A professor named Liam O'Mara from Chapman University in California, who was also a candidate for a Riverside County congressional seat, tweeted a picture of a Ku Klux Klan hood to Candace Owens, which read, "Yikes.  You may've dropped this."  This was because Miss Owens previously tweeted, "The #1 violent offenders against black people are other black people."

Miss Owens stated that Mr. O'Mara had been harassing her for two years, but this time she had to respond.  It turns out that he did eventually capitulate and stated, "I made a terrible mistake.  I'm officially (resigning) from all my responsibilities within the Democratic Party and am no longer running for Congress.  What I did was a display of white privilege."  His tweet, as well as his Twitter account, have since been deleted.

Miss Owens followed up with a tweet of her own: "For everyone that is suing @Twitter for clear cut bias — they have written to me to let me know that sending Klansmen hoods to black people does not violate any of their rules.  Racism is ok on their platform!  Thanks @TwitterSafety!"  This sort of reminds me of the fact that Hitler's Mein Kampf is still for sale on Amazon, but Ryan Anderson's When Harry Became Sally is verboten there.

It is interesting, what "progressives" deem appropriate and inappropriate.  The New York Times motto claims All the News That's Fit to Print, but a more accurate one would state All the News That We Deem Fit to Print.  For instance, if you follow only left-wing news outlets, then you may not have heard about the 65-year-old Asian-American woman who was walking to church when a suspect assaulted her and said, "F--- you, you don't belong here," on 03/20/2021, according to the NYPD.  On 03/25/2021, police arrested and charged a suspect wanted in the homicide of a 74-year-old Asian man in Phoenix, AZ.  He was punched in the face, and his skull fractured when he hit the ground, causing brain bleed.  Marcus Williams was charged with second-degree murder.

You also may not know that the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is currently seeking a suspect who assaulted an Asian woman on 03/27/2021 at the 51st Street and Lexington Avenue subway station.  He too made anti-Asian, racist statements during the attack.  Also on 03/27/2021, a 38-year-old Asian man walking with his wife and five-year-old son was sucker-punched in an unprovoked Central Park attack.

On 03/28/2021, two teenagers (15 and 17) in Milwaukee found an Asian woman alone in a park, assaulted her, dragged her to a pond in the woods, then raped and killed her.  They recorded the crime on their phones.  Around the same time, a man named Chris Hammer was arrested over multiple hate crime attacks on Asians in Seattle.  He is a BLM activist and was a participant at CHAZ.  His social media profile is filled with posts against Trump and Republicans.

On 03/28/2021, an Asian woman was struck in the face by a man spewing ethnic slurs at her in a Manhattan subway station.  Currently, the NYPD Hate Crimes is asking for help identifying a man who assaulted an Asian woman in front of her three children while on the 5 train heading to Times Square on March 30.  He made racist comments to her as well.

An elderly Asian couple in Oakland, CA was robbed by four males after they returned home from grocery shopping.  The video went viral.  A male robbed a Korean-American-owned convenience store in Charlotte, NC on 03/30/2021.  He destroyed the store with a metal bar during the attack and screamed, "That's what you get, you Chinese m-----------!"  Police have not charged him with a hate crime.  Currently, police in Tacoma, WA are asking for information regarding a viral video showing a group of males assaulting a Korean couple who are screaming for help.

On 04/01/2021, two men were arrested and charged over the slaying of a 48-year-old Vietnamese-American, Tong Nguyen, in San Jose, CA.  He was shot in the head.

Also on 4/1/2021, an Asian woman named Ke Chieh Meng, 64, was attacked by Darlene Stephanie Montoya, 23, a transient, and was stabbed to death in a "random" attack in CA while walking her two dogs.

The Ontario Police Department in CA made an arrest over the hate crime felony assault of an Asian couple.  The perpetrator, Tuvorius Mencer, is also facing a charge for assaulting an officer.  A South Asian immigrant who ran a souvenir shop on the Atlantic City boardwalk died after being robbed by an armed group of youths, and the NYPD held a press conference recently showcasing people they have apprehended for attacking members of the Asian community.  In the latter case, the perpetrators consisted of four black males, one black female, and one Middle Eastern man.

That is the point in all of this.  The current #StopAsianHate movement seems to focus of Caucasian perpetrators of racial hate crimes, but all of the aforementioned cases were conducted by non-white people.  In other words, if the true focus and goal of this movement is to stamp out unjust crimes against Asian-Americans, then we may have to perform the unenviable task of looking at other minorities.

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