What happens after we defund the police?

Our country is battling so many changes and so many attacks from the Marxist left, that we're beyond any more surprises.  We're in the mode where we're just wondering, "What's next?"  I have a suspicion about where the war on police is going to take us.

Currently, the programmed theme from the Twitterverse, media, and Big Tech is the "Defund the Police" movement.  Every single incident of a Black person killed by the police has been added to the battle cry to end policing as we know it because, as they say, "it's systemically racist and antiquated."  But what's been completely ignored is the million-dollar question: "What replaces our city and neighborhood police departments once they're eliminated?"  To date, the left has no serious answer other than the ridiculous demand for more social workers.

Tucker Carlson was brave enough recently to attack this issue and boldly stated that his theory is the that left's goal is a national, federally run police department.  Such a scary thought: the most inept and corrupt bureaucracy running all local police departments.

Well, it's only my opinion that the Biden crew won't attempt to take on such a massive task.  They may put the National Guard in place for a while for a show of power (and control), but, ultimately, they'll go with the flow and promote the narrative that each community should police its own.

Think about it.  Yes, I can see a few hundred civilian organizations being put in place to step up and create pay-for-play protection agencies.  Unfortunately, the gaps will be augmented with the local gang elements and neighborhood watch groups.

But eventually, new companies will rapidly spin up.  Then, as we've seen for decades, the long ingrained symbiotic dance between the government and the civilian agencies that support the government will emerge.  And as they've done for decades, they'll start merging.  The smaller companies will combine to make larger companies to win government bids for policing.  Larger corporations will eventually buy out or absorb the smaller ones.  Eventually, we'll end up with yet another national, federally funded corporation to protect and serve helpless American society.  And behold, we'll have another of the largest corporations, unionized, of course, to control the population.

All you have to do is to look up and view the multitude of movies in the past where the American corporations become so powerful that they eventually replace our government...like the old Robocop movies.  The so-called "security corporations" control the population, housing, and personal movement from place to place.  All aspects of life have their oversight, and ultimately, their permission.

Sadly, the common theme in those movies was how the corporations became all-powerful, corrupt, and greedy.  If the corporation wanted to bulldoze a neighborhood block for new buildings, it sent in its police to assault and intimidate the locals into leaving, with the hero eventually fighting and defeating this evil.

Are there Americans out there who actually believe that an organization of that magnitude would not have corrupt and criminally motivated elements grow and thrive under its consent and, worse, the protection of the government?  Even modern television series like Batgirl show a policing organization that is all-powerful and politically motivated, operating without oversight or control from those it supposedly protects.

A police force that melds massive corporations and the government is exactly what the Marxist left wants.  Take over the Supreme Court, take away the right to bear arms, remove local policing and replace it with a national thug force to maintain public obedience, and thwart any and all opposition.  To think defunding the police will lead to anything other than more government power, tyranny, oppression, and loss of personal freedoms is delusional.

Image: YouTube screen grab. Edited in Pixlr.

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