Wake up, people: Science shows mask zealots were very, very wrong

I've long said the data on the Wuhan virus in no way matched the hysteria visited on most of the U.S. and the world.  Whether "cases," hospitalizations, deaths, masks, lockdowns, or anything else of the like, time and again, we've seen that the actual data reveal that our efforts to "slow the spread" have been largely useless and thus unnecessary.  In other words, time has revealed the truth on the Wuhan virus.  As I noted back in August of last year, short of an effective vaccine (which, at the time, didn't seem as though it was on the near horizon), each of us is going to get exposed to the Wuhan virus, and our health outcome will be determined by how our Creator made us and what treatments are given to us. 

The rise in hospitalizations and deaths over the holidays, and the subsequent steep decline we've seen over the last several weeks, has little to nothing to do with masks and the like.  The rises we saw during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season likely would not have been as severe if we had allowed for more herd immunity to occur during the summer and early fall of 2020.  In other words — and again, short of an effective vaccine — the increase in cases was always going to happen; it was just a matter of when. 

Also, the recent declines in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths occurred too soon and too rapidly to be attributable to the vaccine.  In other words, this decline was always going to happen; it was just a matter of when.  Now, a year removed from the beginning of the panic porn, the data continue to reveal the truth on the Wuhan virus.  This is especially true for masks. 

Take a look at the data on multiple school systems in Florida: those with mask mandates vs. those where masks are optional: 

Note that the cases per 100K in school systems where masks are optional are significantly lower than those systems where masks are mandated.  Joe Biden and his fellow mask apologists foolishly described the idea of states lifting mask mandates as "Neanderthal thinking."  This is especially foolish considering that Democrats are the modern poster children for "Neanderthal thinking."  It's also especially foolish given the latest data on U.S. states and "Daily New Cases" of the Wuhan virus: 









This is all on top of all of the other science that reveals the truth on the Wuhan virus and masks: the Danish Mask Study; the mask data from "all U.S. jurisdictions"; the mask data from Europe; the data out of Florida; data from the complete NFL season; the data from the Super Bowl; the data from school districts in Texas and Florida that began school last August, have remained open, didn't cancel events, and never mandated masks; and so on. 

Lastly, recall that Walmart, Kroger, and the like didn't mandate masks until July.  We went months in and out of these stores where no masks were required, the virus was supposedly raging, and yet hospitals sat nearly empty.

The masks and mask mandates perpetuate the shutdown-lockdown narrative that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of individual incomes, kept schools and churches closed, etc.  If the masks were truly effective, we wouldn't have the data we have.  If the masks were truly necessary, there's no way the vast majority of businesses — including Walmart, Kroger, Outback, McDonald's and the like, and every small business (especially restaurants) that require people to be indoors for extended periods of time — could properly operate.  If there were zero mask mandates and zero mask usage across the U.S., it is very doubtful that our national health outcomes from the Wuhan virus would've been at all different. 

Trevor Grant Thomas: At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of 
The Miracle and Magnificence of America.

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