Tim Scott declares America 'not a racist country,' and leftists step up to the plate to prove him wrong, hurling racist epithets

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina made an eloquent, uplifting speech on behalf of Republicans, in response to Joe Biden's quasi–State of the union address.

He spoke of racial grievances, real ones, including a recent instance when the Washington Post's bigfoot fact-checker Glenn Kessler attempted to debunk Scott's impoverished background in the Jim Crow South as somehow "privileged," with revolting claims that Scott "had it easy," which was beyond horsehockey.  Scott left egg all over Kessler's face.

Scott spoke kindly of single mothers, such as his own.  He spoke of his own failures and successes, and he blasted Biden for his divisive diktats in his first 100 days, pointing out the many occasions when Republicans cooperated with Democrats and their big spending plans.  He defended Georgia's vote integrity law and focused on re-opening schools, putting the blame where it belonged: on greedy teachers' unions.  He radiated honesty and sincerity, which stood in stark contrast to fraudy, mendacious Joe, who came off like the banjo-player in Deliverance as he spoke.

It was a well received speech, based on pundit after-talk on the nets.  The transcript can be read here.

That didn't sit well with the left, which, true to form, reverted to their roots, put on their white hoods, and hurled nakedly racist insults at Scott as if to shame him for attempting to find common ground with Democrats and speak truth to power.

#UncleTim, a riff on the racist epithet "Uncle Tom," drew 15,000 hashtags on Twitter, as leftists showed their true colors.

This one used the "Uncle Tim" phrase and then tried to claim that Trump-supporters were hypocrites for being disgusted with it, making the use of the racist epithet all right in her book

This one, a black leftist in the media establishment, thows in a bonus racial epithet in, with use of the word "boy."

This black leftist is even worse, throwing in an ultra-racist blackface minstrel show, which, like Joe Biden, denies the identity of any black conservative who doesn't go along with leftism.  "You ain't black" had to have been a vote-getter for the likes of him:

But on the whole, notice how many white leftists are doing this, based on their Twitter pictures.

That prompted some discomfort from several black leftists, telling them with cuss words to get their snoots out of that trough.

Scott particularly rankled some of them by saying America is not a racist country, but instead of citing instances to contradict him, they resorted to showing him how racist they were by hurling their racist epithets.  That doesn't prove Scott wrong; it just proves that leftists are fundamentally anti-American, and no majority.

It was despicable. It was disgusting.  Notice that doughy white Karen in one of the posts using the racist epithet and then claiming to speak for "the black community."  Presumptuous, anyone?  Bet black people just love having someone like her to speak for them and tell them what they think, since in her mind, only a white leftist can know best.

Gack, gack, gack.  The Daily Caller and the Washington Times have additional posts and commentary, because the racism coming from the far-left following Scott's speech was so noticeable. 

Leftists remain convinced that blacks cannot think for themselves and need leftists to lead them.  Scott, who is a popular senator with people of all colors in South Carolina, amounts to a threat to them, particularly since so many black voters have been drawn to President Trump.  They see it, and rather than argue with him on merits, they resort to name-calling in a bid to intimidate him.  Scott knows this type.  He spoke of name-calling, traffic stops for being black, and shop clerks following him around in a store, from when Democrats ran South Carolina.  Now Democrats are back, threatening him with racist insults, solely for thinking for himself.  To them, he's "uppity," and they're going to do all they can to stop him.

It would be nice at some point if Scott would call them out instead of put up with this trash.  The rest of us will, though.  We know the racist roots of the progressives and how those white hoods pop out at the least little sign of dissent from the leftist party line.  The Klan, after all, had once been the armed wing of the Democrat party.  Some things just don't change.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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