The woke corporations are coming for election integrity

The story first broke on Sunday: almost 100 CEOs from America's biggest corporations had a conference call to discuss using their market power to force states with election ID requirements to ditch them and those without such requirements to maintain the status quo.  By Monday, that list of roughly 100 major corporations had turned into a website boasting over 1,000 companies, all pushing to end election integrity.  We need to push back.

It started with a phone call that you can read about here.  The phone call has now turned into a shiny website called "Civic Alliance."  The first sentence on the web page laughably claims that the "Civic Alliance [is] a nonpartisan group of businesses working together to build a future where everyone participates in shaping our country."  False!  These are Democrat party operatives, so they really mean those who are here illegally, unregistered voters, dead voters, and imaginary voters.

The reality is that, when elections are limited to legal voters who are properly registered and provide identification at the polling booth or along with their absentee ballot, elections tend to have conservative outcomes.  When the Democrats jettison all rules for election integrity...well, that's when they win.

It's clear that your grandfather's Democrat party, the one that represented the working man and fought socialism, is gone for good.  In its place are companies helmed by woke management that yearns for the good old days of fascism.  (And no, I'm not calling them all little genocidal Hitlers.  I'll explain in a moment.)

Every one of those CEOs, boards, and mid-level management people is the product of America's colleges and universities, all with faculty almost entirely composed of the hardest left wing of the Democrat party.  The days of coming up through the ranks as our grandparents and even our parents did are gone.  Instead, these are men, women, and self-styled other things who have been marinated in the woke ideology that rejects every core American premise: they hate the Constitution, equality before the law and the rule of law, individuality, character over skin color, borders, etc.

What's even more important — this is where the fascism point comes in — is that the bigger the company, the more it's interested in jettisoning free-market principles and having the government as its partner in obtaining profits.  Conservative Treehouse's Sundance explains:

Multinationals want control; some call that corporatism…. but the names are moot.  Multinationals want control, and capitalism does not allow them control; that is why multinationals do not want capitalism.  Multinationals use lobbyists to generate regulations that stall competition.

Multinationals do not want competition; they are, by nature of their interest, anti-capitalists.

In other words, they are fascists.  Fascism, shorn of the race-hatred that Hitler infused, is nothing more than an alliance between the state and corporations to exert complete control over citizens.  As Mussolini explained, "everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."

For a perfect example of how this works, just remind yourself that Obamacare forced you to buy a product you didn't want, enriching and empowering the insurance companies that got to sell it to you.  That's crony capitalism or fascism.

Although I urge you not to deal with these corporations if at all possible, their ubiquity makes a direct boycott difficult.  Bonchie, at RedState, has a different suggestion, which is to sic the Biden government on them:

If these companies are going to mock and spit on Republicans who have had their back against left-wing incursions, then it's time to stop having their back. How often do we see some head of a giant corporation saying they'd be glad to pay more in taxes to the squees of the mainstream media, all the while they're figuring it's not going to happen because the GOP will stop any tax hikes?

Well, let's give them their wish. Mitch McConnell should call up Joe Biden and say he's got a deal on raising the corporate tax rate as long as it's only on the Fortune 500. Leave the small and moderate-sized businesses that are currently being squeezed by these monopolistic behemoths out of it. Let the woke, virtue-signaling among us see what it's really like to live under unfettered, Democrat rule.

At the end of the day, the woke corporations are every bit as bad as the Gilded Age robber barons.  Indeed, they're even worse because at least the robber barons loved America and had no desire to sell out to a foreign country.

We need to fight however we can.  So if you're making a shopping list at home, go to this list of woke corporations so you can try to avoid buying from them.  Demand that they get taxed hard.  And call and write your local legislators, who are the ones feeling the heat.

Image: Wall Street sign by Ramy Majouji.  CC BY 2.5.

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