The warrant that Daunte Wright tried to flee was pretty damn serious, not a 'victimless crime'

The shooting of Daunte Wright was a terrible thing that should never have happened.  There is no justifying his death.  But contrary to the first reports that he died over a deodorizer hanging from his rearview mirror (a claim that evidently originated with his mother), the fact is that he was committing the crime of fleeing execution of a warrant for his arrest over a rather serious crime.  Jorge Fitz-Gibbon reports in the New York Post:

Daunte Wright had an open warrant related to an armed-robbery case against him when he was shot dead Sunday by a cop who claimed she thought she was firing her Taser, court records show.

Wright, 20, and another man had been charged with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery in December 2019 for allegedly trying to steal $820 from a woman at gunpoint, according to Hennepin County District Court documents.

The pair had crashed at the victim's home in the city of Osseo after attending a party there — then demanded money the next morning while flashing a gun, authorities said in court papers.

"Give me the f------ money — I'm not playing around," Wright told the woman, according to prosecutors.

The victim refused and began screaming for both men to leave, records show.

To repeat: he did not deserve to die over this charge.  He should have complied with the lawful orders of police to submit to handcuffing and transport to jail to face trial.  If he had done so, he would be alive today.  One can only speculate what was going through his mind as he made that fateful decision.

The moment before Daunte Wright chose to flee (YouTube screen grab).

Facts matter.

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