The tyrannical transformation of America

Democrats seek an increase membership on the Supreme Court of the United States from nine to 13.  At present, the high court is divided among 6 Republican appointees and three Democrat appointees.   The four additional justices, presumably to be named by Biden, would change the divide to 7 Democrat appointees and 6 Republicans.   But considering the drift of Chief Justice John Roberts toward the liberal clique, the actual division on the high court is five conservatives and four liberals.  Thus, the Democrat plan to add four justices to the Supreme Court reflects overkill, arguably.

As the obvious Democrat intention is to restore a leftist majority on the high court, it would take only two additional leftists judges to obtain the result the left desires.   Two added justices would give Democrats a 6 - 5 working majority on the Supreme Court.  The addition of four Democrat justices would create a whopping 8 - 5 imbalance in favor of the woke radicals.

To borrow a phrase used by. the late Yale law professor Alexander Bickel, in having achieved total domination of White House and Congress, by however slight a margin, the left is moving to "kick over the traces" to transform the country into a one-party state.  A Supreme Court in radical woke hands would complete the governance trifecta -- legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government in radical woke hands.

What legislation would be beyond the bounds of radical woke tyranny?

With the three branches of the federal government in radical woke hands, the Constitution would become the plaything of the totalitarians.  Gone would be the traditional concept of free speech; and with it, the media would, like corporate America, continue as handmaidens of wokeness.

There would be nothing to prevent the creation of new Democrat-leaning states in Washington, District of Douglass; and Puerto Rico.  The Electoral College could be abolished, resulting in permanent elections reflecting the leftist, and huge, Democrat margins in California and New York.  Add to these assaults on democracy, the demagogic assault on the notion of free, fair elections -- with America's corporate quislings gleefully joining the forces seeking dominance in our land of liberty.

Several years ago, the now-disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo

“told conservative Republicans – specifically anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns – they ‘have no place in the state of New York.’’’ 

With triumphal radical leftists controlling governance in America, and by foul means, not fair, it is not fanciful to imagine that they will declare there is no place for the "racist Republicans" in any part of the United States.

The evidence for a radical left future is plain to see in the intention to reduce the Supreme Court to an arm of the Democrat Party.  Republicans must rally round their patriotic core, rid themselves of the Never Trumpers and Murkowski's, and defend our legacy of liberty.

This, indeed, is a fight to the finish, and may God grant that today's freedom fighters thoroughly defeat the enemies of our democratic. (lower case "d," that) institutions.

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