The missing mandate behind Biden's grandiose plans

If you are a political leader who wishes to effect "fundamental change" during your lifetime, there are only two ways to achieve that goal: receiving a massive electoral mandate or, failing that, using the government's military force against those citizens who resist fundamental change.  The Democrats, with their grandiose plans for gun control, court-packing, erasing America's sovereign border, and adding new states, are acting as if they have that mandate.  As their desperation to end the filibuster shows, they don't.  That leaves only force.

In November 2020, Biden apparently won more votes than any other president in American history, including Barack Obama in 2008, implying that he has a popular mandate for his revolutionary plans.  That implication is a lie, and not just for the obvious reason.  There are, in fact, three reasons why he has no mandate:

One: According to polls, 77% of Republicans30% of Democrats, and 43% of men doubt that Biden received as many as 81 million votes or that Trump received as few as 74 million.  Overall, up to 45% of Americans distrust the election results.  They strongly suspect that election chicanery, made possible in large part by COVID-justified unconstitutional changes to voting rules in various states, gave Biden a victory to which he is not entitled.  That high level of distrust negates a mandate.

Two: Even if one assumes solely for the sake of argument that Biden got as many votes as claimed, he had no coattails.  Republicans had a massive sweep at the state level across America, gaining almost 60% of statehouses and governors' mansions.  Likewise, at the House, the Republicans not only didn't lose seats, but also gained seats.

As for the delicate 50-50 balance in the Senate, a disgraceful combination of political bribery (the lie about $2,000 stimulus checks), McConnell's and Trump's bad politicking, and almost certain vote fraud knocked out what should have been a Republican majority.

When Congress is split almost evenly, there's no mandate of any kind, especially a Democrat one.

Three: Again, assuming arguendo that Biden got the votes claimed, he ran as a unifying, normal moderate.  That's not consistent with ending the 215-year-old filibuster, packing the Court, deleting the Second Amendment, erasing the southern border, adding two new states, turning D.C. into an armed military encampment, encouraging corporations to boycott states, insisting that people's sex depends on their personal preferences, and promoting race-hatred.  Throughout the campaign season, except for loudly demanding gun control (while conceding that the Constitution limited what he could do), Biden carefully avoided promoting any of those policies.

All three reasons establish that the Democrats have no mandate.  If they had a mandate, they wouldn't have to end the filibuster because bipartisan majorities would pass all these plans.

Despite the clear divide in America on these fundamentally transforming issues, Democrats are upping the ante by more aggressively attacking the Second Amendment, pushing to give D.C. statehood, trying to enact gun control, and using the monstrous $2-trillion "stimulus" bill to turn safe suburbs into dense (and, as we learned in 2020) disease-ridden urban areas.  Moreover, on Friday, Biden announced a "commission" to study, among other things, packing the Supreme Court.

Each of these plans will fundamentally transform America, and many are unconstitutional.  But if they pass Congress, the only thing standing in the way of their taking effect is an utterly Democrat-compliant Supreme Court.  They'll be done deals.

Currently, the only thing keeping congressional Democrats in check is the 215-year-old filibuster rule in Congress, the one that the "moderate" Biden dishonestly attacked as residue of Jim Crow.  If you think about it, the very fact that the filibuster (which requires 60 votes to pass controversial bills in the Senate) stands in the Democrats' way is all the evidence you need that there is no national mandate for Biden's and the Democrats' extremism.

A 50-50 Senate without a filibuster and with Kamala invariably breaking the tie is the Democrats' dream and America's nightmare.  Let me say again what I said at the start of this post: without a popular mandate, the only way to effectuate fundamental change is through the state's force of arms.

Let's just hope that Senators Manchin and Sinema stand firm and keep their promise to McConnell to maintain the filibuster.  Otherwise, it's pretty much a given that Biden's government will prove the truth of Mao Zedong's statement that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

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