The Chauvin verdict

It did not surprise me that the jury in the Chauvin case found him guilty on all charges.  From the guy in the White House to Maxine "Guilty, Guilty, Guilty" Waters to the local reporters, the leftist establishment made it clear to the jurors that if they did not rule "the correct way," not only would cities across America burn but also that they and their families would be at risk of serious, possibly deadly, repercussions.  What BLM has turned us into is a nation in which a despicable faux equity, which is really collective punishment, has superseded justice.

Here's what the evidence showed: George Floyd, a repeat felon who once held a gun to a pregnant woman during a home robbery, was hopped up on a whole pharmacy of illegal drugs, and passed a fake $20 bill.  When the police arrived, this huge man was showing all the signs of acute drug intoxication — rapid speech, confusion, paranoia, and an inability to breathe.  He fought them viciously when they tried to get him into the police car.

The police on the scene figured out that Floyd was suffering from excited delirium, called paramedics, and then used a textbook restraint — Floyd on his stomach with Chauvin's knee on Floyd's shoulder blades. (Chauvin, incidentally, was smaller and lighter than Floyd.)  Floyd continued to talk, which meant he could breathe, even if he repeated his earlier claim that he couldn't breathe.  The fentanyl on which he was overdosing sedated his breathing.

Normally, once Floyd was subdued, the cops might have let up on him.  However, a loud, aggressive, and threatening crowd surrounded them, making it impossible for the police to release the textbook restraint Chauvin had on Floyd.  So Floyd died.

An autopsy showed three times the fatal level of fentanyl in his system, along with myriad other drugs, COVID, obesity, and advanced heart disease.  The autopsy did not show any of the signs of suffocation.  He died because of bad lifestyle choices and because a woke crowd made it impossible for the police to do anything but maintain their defensive posture.  Woke killed Floyd.

Here's what the facts also show: Minneapolis handed $27 million to Floyd's family, proving he was worth a lot more dead than he ever was alive.  The media did everything it could, short of naming them, to identify the individual jurors.  Because the judge refused to sequester them, the jurors knew this.

The jurors also had to have known that Eric Nelson, Chauvin's attorney, faced serious threats to his life.  They may even have known that Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman and other public officials have literally been chased out of Minneapolis because of threats.

Jurors couldn't have helped but notice that their city was preparing for a violent siege if, God forbid, Chauvin was found not guilty.  And despite Biden's boast that he had waited until the jury was sequestered to say he was certain Chauvin was guilty and that the jury had better come out with the "right" verdict, I'm willing to bet they knew about that, too.

With the verdict in, the Vichy Republicans are already on the move:

Sen. Tim Scott and other Republicans on Capitol Hill and nationally lauded the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd on Tuesday, saying that the verdict proved the strength of the American judicial system. 


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, also said he agreed with the verdict. 


Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville said the conviction was the result of strong American institutions. 

Intimidating a jury is now justice in America.  It was all summed up in an email from a "Republican consultant" named Jonathan Lockwood, who sent out this BLM-inspired mass email:

Chauvin verdict must be followed by more. Black lives matter. Today's justice must not be a blip, but become the baseline: if you execute a black man in the streets, you will be held accountable. The Republicans dog-whistling following today's justice are more KKK, than they are conservative. Today is a turning point and it deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated, but it must be followed with more justice. Injustice never rests, we must never rest.

Predictably, Nancy Pelosi made a completely inane statement about "justice":

Floyd now joins the long list of other Democrat martyrs: Trayvon Martin, the drugged up thug who tried to beat George Zimmerman to death; Michael Brown, the strong-arm robber who tried to steal a cop's gun; Breonna Taylor, the drug-dealer's moll whose boyfriend shot at the police; Adam Toledo, the 13-year-old gun-toting gangster known as "Lil Homicide"; Daunte Wright, wanted for choking and robbing a woman; Jacob Blake, rapist with a knife; and Rayshard Brooks, a convicted child-abuser who stole a cop's taser.  For each of them, one could say what Shakespeare said of the traitorous Thane of Cawdor after his death: "Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it."  I prefer the Christian martyrs of old who stood for moral principles, but I guess I'd better get with the times.

Note well: what we have seen for the last year, which culminated in Minneapolis, is not justice.  It isn't even revenge.  Revenge is leveled against the person who did the wrong.  Chauvin, however, did exactly what police are supposed to do.  What we're seeing here instead is race-based and police-based collective punishment.  It's completely evil and is the antithesis of justice.

We can only hope that, on appeal, the judges who review the circumstances surrounding the verdict understand that Chauvin's trial was so tainted that the verdict cannot stand.  Otherwise, a police officer who did what he was trained to do will spend life in prison because the Democrats see a path to permanent power by convincing a hate-filled mob that two wrongs make a right.

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