Regarding Georgia corporations, President Trump urges us to fight.

If you’re reading American Thinker, you probably agree with me that Biden gained the White House through election fraud and other vote manipulation. That kind of organization takes money, and a great deal of it came from America’s corporations. Fortunately, we have a great weapon against corrupt corporations: Boycotts. That’s not just me saying it. On Saturday, President Trump said it too.

In Georgia, multiple corporations have announced that they support the Democrat demand to get rid of the new election law because it furthers systemic racism. The lie, one repeatedly voiced by Joe Biden, is that the law shortens available hours for voting and deprives voters of even a drink of water while waiting to vote. The truth is that the law makes election fraud harder by requiring voters to provide ID when seeking an absentee ballot. That’s anathema to a party that gained power through election fraud.

Woke corporate leadership, when faced with a threatened Black boycott, saw multiple major Georgia-based companies speak out against the law. Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola quickly caved to the left which was offensive enough. However, the real big “get” for the left was Major League Baseball’s announcement that it was pulling the All-Stars Game out of Atlanta because of the law's horrible racism.

Apparently, Black people are too helpless to get an ID – never mind that both Delta and the MLB require ID to use their services. And Joe Biden seems to have forgotten that Americans need ID to enter the White House in which they’ve graciously allowed him to live.

Corporations should stay in their lane and that lane is selling their goods and services, hiring Americans, paying their employees a living wage, and bringing money to their shareholders. However, because all corporations are now staffed at the management level with generations of leftist college graduates, corporations have decided that it is their job to be social and political activists.

We Americans have let corporations get away with it because most of us were paying attention to their products. Meanwhile, corporations bowed down before Black Lives Matter, promoted transgenderism to our children, insulted America as racist and totalitarian, and shifted much of their business to China, leaving American workers bereft. It’s time to fight back before the Democrat – corporation alliance becomes so tightly entwined that we’re effectively living in a fascist state.

Please note that fascism does not mean Nazi, although the Nazis were fascists. Fascism is simply a form of socialism in which the government does not own all of the means of production. Instead, it allows a simulation of the free market, with corporations working in the service of the state.

Citizens can buy things and, if they tow the party line, live in some degree of comfort, but they are not free. Eventually, the system breaks down, as all socialist systems do, and the government gets nasty, as all socialist governments do. We don’t want to go that way.

The good thing is that we still have the means to fight the corporations. Our power is the ability not to spend our money with them. Don’t fly Delta, don’t drink Coke’s unhealthy products (including those from its subsidiaries), and don’t have anything to do with Major League Baseball. Don’t watch the games on TV, so their ad revenue dries up; don’t attend the games; and for God’s sake, don’t buy the merchandise.

And if you don’t believe me about this, believe Donald Trump, who sent out this message on Saturday – and you’ll notice that he’s upped the ante of corporations that patriots need to fight:

In Georgia, corporations are scared of a boycott by Black leftists. However, there are at most 48 million black Americans, including children and Trump voters. Meanwhile, there are probably 81,000,000 Americans of all colors who voted for Trump because they believe in individual liberty, the free market, and traditional Judeo-Christian morality.

We are a large group and, if we will act in concert, we have the power to give the corporations who’ve waded into leftist politics a very painful lesson. Because Trump is right. When it comes to corporate attacks on voter integrity, as Bugs Bunny would say, “Of course you realize, this means war!”

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