Press cranks up narrative of police racial injustice after Columbus cop stops a knife-wielding teen from stabbing another girl

Fresh off the police brutality trial of Derek Chauvin, business is booming for the racial grievance industry, this time in a southeast Colombus, Ohio residential neighborhood.

Here are the headlines that ran, starting with NPR:

Columbus Police Shoot And Kill Black, Teenage Girl 

Here's the SEO of the same headline, and likely an earlier version of the headline above:


There's this from the New York Times:

This from the Columbus Dispatch

Ma’Khia Bryant: Columbus police release body camera footage in shooting of 16-year-old

Got it? The narrative has been set: Predatory white police on the prowl for black people find a blameless 16-year-old girl minding her own business and shoot her dead in cold blood.

The protestors are out, and already race-hustler lawyer, Benjamin Crumb, is out front, spreading a phony narrative about an 'unarmed' teen:



Guess a knife held in the stab position isn't a 'weapon,' is that it?

There is also the sudden appearance of 'relatives' who have swarmed to the cameras, telling us about how 'maternal' and 'peaceful' the deceased was:



The Columbus cops, recognizing that the race hustlers have the media in their tree and are already starting up with the riot and bad-cop narrative, swiftly moved to release the police cam coverage, which told a different story.

Here are a couple of videos from the police cams showing what actually happened:





The Columbus cops, responding to a 911 call about someone with a knife at a foster-child group home, arrived to find a fighting melee, yelled to the participants to stop, and then shot one of the teenage girls with a knife in her hand poised to stab another girl as she ignored the cop's orders and carried on with what she was doing to another girl rammed up against the hood of a car. The 16-year old, identified as Ma'Khia Bryant, who was a resident of the foster home, was given swift medical treatment at the scene, rushed to the hospital, and died.

It was a split-second decision from a cop with limited information to halt a killing less than a second before it happened. One of those people were going to die, and with no other information, the cop made it the perpetrator rather than the victim in pink pinned to the car or the second woman or girl whose head was being kicked like a melon. 

Well, what was the cop supposed to do? Was he supposed to call in a social worker to try to talk the knife-wielding teen out of killing the person in front of her? Was he supposed to say 'not my ass' and let the killing go on and make arrests after it happened? Was he supposed to let the threatened girl in pink become a black-on-black crime statistic? Was he supposed to rely on an unreliable taser at a split-second time in a life-or-death matter, assuming he had one? Based on what's seen in the videos, the cop appeared to be a hero, saving someone from certain death from an assailant with a knife who was so blinded by rage she could't even follow police orders to stop doing what she was doing in front of the cops.

All the AP could say to this was that the assailant who died "appeared" to have a knife. "Appeared," as Townhall columnist Matt Vespa noted.

And already the fake media narratives are building up that the cop is the bad guy. The lawyers are out, the relatives are out, the protestors are threatening to loot and riot, and all we need now is Joe Biden to step in with some lies and make it all truly fraudulent.

But blaming the cop for the split-second decision to save a second girl from stabbing is nothing more than leftist projection. There is a victim all right, she is the 16-year-old who died, and there were killers, all of whom came a lot earlier in her life than the cops who stopped her from stabbing the girl in pink.

Number one, where were this girl's parents? Somehow, she ended up a throwaway in a foster group home with absolutely no parents and probably no trustable adult anywhere in her life as she grew up.

It's not surprising that she acted the role of someone who grew up without any adult role models and was left by herself with maybe just gangsta rap, violent videos, and zero education except for critical race theory. Where were her parents?

Number two, where was the state? Some kids do get stuck in foster homes, often bounced from location to location, with some in prison-like 'group homes' as apparently this teenager did, but the kids are put there to give them some kind of ethics system, some kind of serious upbringing, some kind of moral character formation, some kind of capacity to delay gratification in order to benefit later. Where was the state on that? It could well be that some disgusting social worker, so vaunted by Democrats as 'the answer' to all social ills, didn't bother to do her job and just let the kids live with zero guidance. And let's hear about how the 16-year old got access to that knife. Knives left lying around in the kitchen maybe, when there are kids who think solving their problems means getting one out? Someone may need their foster home license yanked at a minimum, and jailing wouldn't be a bad idea for all that collecting of state money that resulted in absolutely nothing for the kids who are meant to be the beneficiaries.

Number three, where were her teachers? Any role models there in the age of Zoom? No word so far.

Number four, let's hear about these relatives rushing before the cameras now, telling us what a great kid this was. Why didn't they take her in and raise her properly? Was it because they were unable, or because a court system told them 'no,' or because they didn't want her, save when she died and became a lively prop for a lawsuit payout from the city?

A lot of questions, and we know that the media, in throes of its bad-cop narrative, is never going to bother to ask. They're just cranking up the same old "narrative" in order to have some fiery pictures for the evening news, the police defunded, and everything blamed on conservatives and President Trump. They're whipping up another round of lies, yet the narrative is stretching thin, very thin, with the public with this case in Columbus. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us again, shame on the rest of us.

Image: Screen shot, Twitter

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