Pink lives matter, too

In the last year, we have been bombarded, indeed continuously scolded, with information about which lives actually do matter.  Interestingly, while no one seems willing to opine that some lives "don't matter," suggesting that every human life is of value ("all lives matter") draws outrage and charges of racism.

However, it seems the recent event in Columbus, OH brings some clarity.  A young woman of 16 years died when shot by a police officer.  All of the moral sages in our land — celebrities, activists who professionally determine which lives matter, media members, and politicians (of the correct brand only) — assure us that based on her ethnicity and tender years that her life really matters.  We are told we should "say her name."

I agree; her life did matter — greatly.  That said, I have also noted some things that clearly do not matter.  One is the knife in her hand.  It is irrelevant.  Only wicked people, such as your humble scribe, would mention it.  Nor is the use being made of the knife — a clear attempt to plunge it into the body of another human being, the girl in pink — important to them.  Again, how dare anyone bring it up?  Neanderthal.

Yet this brings me to a conundrum: the person that nearly received the knife blow from the "person whose life obviously matters" is also a young female of similar ethnic background.  She shares all the characteristics that our moral priesthood says confer value, yet she is absent from their statements.  I conclude that, to these paragons of righteous indignation, the life of this girl in pink does not matter.

Photo credit: Rumble video screen grab (cropped).

Enough of the tap-dancing around the issue; to these politicians, media personalities, activists, celebrities, and other People of Public Virtue (PoPV), this Black life of the girl in pink does not matter.  There is no concern of any kind shown by the PoPV that, barring, the swift, accurate action of the police, if could have been her life that ended.

Her pink life matters.  Full stop.

The fact is that, to the PoPV, Black lives do not matter.  They matter only if the Black life ends in a way that is useful to the PoPV agenda.  If the police had arrived one minute later and the girl in pink had been lying in a pool of her own blood, you would never have heard a word on the news.  The PoPV, from BLM to the president, would be silent.  We see this every week with the deaths of Black people in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and St. Louis.  If a Black person is killed by another Black person, as is the case 90+ of the time, the PoPV do not care.  Only Black deaths, not lives, matter, and only those Black deaths that are politically useful to the PoPV.

But somebody did care about the "pink life": a cop.  Watch the horrible video here.

In the midst of a rapidly developing, chaotic scene, he correctly assessed the imminent danger to her life and, firing his gun with commendable precision (he got the assailant, not the girl in pink), rescued her.  The cop cared enough to protect her.  He had to know that doing so could destroy his career.  The PoPV don't care.  The outcome has value only as it supports their cause.

Girl in Pink, your life matters, and not because of your skin color.  Clearly, those who proclaim "Black Lives Matter" do not care about you at all.  Ignore them.  We all should.  You matter to God.  He has preserved your life.  He loves you.  He has a plan for you.

Your Pink Life Matters.

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