Our leaders need some moments of doubt

Every once in a while, we all need to have moments of self-doubt.  To be humbled by a reminder that no, we don't know it all. That maybe we don't know much at all.  That the things we are sure of are as transient as life itself.  I envy people with deep religious faith, who are certain about their rules and promises of their faith.  I'm never certain — just hopeful, because the alternative is too grim.

Without humility, we'd end up just like the repressive Democrats.  They are so sure they have all the answers, never looking past their own affectations.  They look down their noses at the rest of us poor schmoes, seeing us as hapless dupes.  We're peons to be used, pawns to be moved on a board they, and only they, control.

They also cheat with impunity, knowing that the media and tech will have their backs, ignoring their obvious cheating, even if they're caught red-handed, as happened before and during the election.  I can almost hear them chanting "na, na, na-na, na" as they thumb their noses at us.

They are getting so arrogant, so full of themselves, so sure we (the people) can all simply be steamrolled, that they are putting out bill after bill showing their black hearts.  Court-packing.  The so-called infrastructure bill that's just a kitchen sink including open borders and a giant budget there's no money behind.  Vote-by-cheating legislation.  End the filibuster.  More U.S. states.  Higher taxes.  Choking climate change regulations.

They're paying illegal aliens with our tax money, inciting violence in our cities, fomenting racial disharmony, and being incredibly careless with foreign policy.  Might they start a war with their inept, casual slurs against the leaders of other countries?  After all, those guys have the advantage of looking at us from a distance, without our media propaganda filtering their view.  They can see that we're in disarray and vulnerable and that there might be an opportunity to take us all down a peg.

The administration is certainly not paying attention to pertinent details, whether here at home or anywhere else.  Both the president and vice president appear to have days filled with fluff or naps rather than work.  The goal was to win the job, not actually do it.  They're classic examples of the Peter Principle, having risen to the level of their own incompetence.  They're no longer even bothered that we can see them going through the motions because the puppetmasters behind them believe themselves unstoppable.  They've mastered the game; are running the board easily; and will finally get to win the championship or, if needed, cheat their way to it.

What they don't realize is that the trophy they're so sure of might just be in doubt.  They could still stumble over their own arrogant feet at a level nobody can ignore.  Multiple states are mounting defenses that might thwart them, too.  Even if they win, it will be graceless, and the victory temporary.  They'll beat their chests and throw a few more of us off Twitter, or into jail.

If they inadvertently start a war, they'll send the troops in.  They'll include the skirted trannies.  They will be commanded by P.C. generals who have no idea how to win, who will find out what it feels like to have their heads handed to them, as our soldiers, sadly, pay the price.

What I'm saying is all speculation.  I don't know the future.  I don't know if the administration will win or be stopped, or if it'll send us to war, or through hyper-inflation to our fiscal doom.  Or if "equity" will be achieved and we will miraculously be able to live in harmony forevermore, with pink hearts and purple roses abounding, but no police at all.

The left's arrogance might be justified because leftists have won the game so far.  I once thought the Supreme Court would have to take on election fraud.  I sure got egg on my face with that one.  It was a reminder that no matter how much I think I know, in the end, I really know very little.

I no longer have our kids' old Ouija board, but I do still have a Magic 8 ball.  Its answer might just be as right as my next guess about our future.  I just asked it, Will the USA survive the current administration's evil actions. The answer: Without a doubt.

Image: Biden and Harris.  YouTube screen grab.

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