National Labor Relations Board rules that Amazon illegally fired activist workers

Jeff Bezos may use his online retailing operation to censor conservatives and publish a Democrat/Deep State apologist newspaper, The Washington Post, but when his money is at stake, he looks indistinguishable from a union-busting robber baron of old.  CNBC reports:

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has found Amazon illegally retaliated against two of its most outspoken internal critics when it fired them last year.

Last April, Amazon fired Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, two former user experience designers, for "repeatedly violating internal policies." Cunningham and Costa argued they were fired in retaliation for their continued criticism of Amazon.

The NLRB confirmed to CNBC that it found merit to Cunningham and Costa's unfair labor practice complaint, which was filed last October. If Amazon doesn't agree to settle the case, the agency said it would file a complaint against Amazon in the next few weeks and set a trial date in the coming months. News of the NLRB's decision was first reported by The New York Times.

Is anyone expecting the Dems and union bosses to pile on and pillory Bezos as a ruthless capitalist?  Anyone?  Anyone?

In addition to the pending complaint, Amazon is fighting unionization:

The NLRB decision comes as Amazon is staring down a closely-watched union vote at one of its Alabama warehouses. The NLRB began counting votes last week and it could take a few days or weeks to reach an outcome.

Amazon Fulfillment Center, Shakopee, MN.
Photo credit: Tony Webster CC By-SA 2.0 license.

In my opinion, Bezos is buying protection for his hard-line tactics against his own employees by acting as a propagandist for the left.  This is as cynical as it gets.  Once the left consolidates power, if H.R. 1 passes and Dems never lose another national election, they will come for him.  He is what Lenin called a "useful idiot."

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