My First Knife Fight? Leftists call knifings kid stuff after Columbus cop saved a teen from a stabbing

The far left has been mouthing so many phony, untrue things about crime and punishment in the U.S. that some of its unhinged denizens can no longer recognize reality.

That would likely explain why one Black Lives Matter activist, Bree Newsome, found herself the subject of ridicule on Twitter and beyond for jumping the shark on the subject of stabbings, which is the topic of the day regarding a police intervention in Columbus, Ohio, where an officer shot a 16 year-old in the act of stabbing another girl. Newsome's twisted herself into a pretzel over the incident to whip up the narrative that cops are evil and knife stabbings are everyday occurrences, effectively declaring the vicious near-disemboweling of a teenager in pink jammed up against the hood of a car at the hands of another teen, Ma'Khia Bryant, a sort of rite of passage for Black people. And after a torrent of ridicule, she won't stop digging.

Here's her first tweet, which, as of this writing, is still up: 



Anyone who thinks a police officer shooting a knife-wielding lunatic in the act of plunging that knife into another teenager jammed up against the hood of a car, you see, needs 'help.'

Which prompted a lot of ridicule and 'wow' remarks from those reading her purported 'everybody does it' logic. 

According to a few choice tweets from American Greatness and from out on the wilds of Twitter:















There was plenty more, she drew thousands of responses, nearly all of them negative.

But deep in the wokester world of unreality, she's stood her ground:



That's certainly not what Rep. Maxine Waters thought, given that she called the cops to provide her with bodyguard services as she whipped up riot sentiment in Minneapolis the other day. Some leftists are more cognizant of preserving  themselves than others.

She joins others, such as basketball star LeBron James, President Obama's consigliere Valerie Jarrett, and comedians such as Kathy Griffin, all of whom one way or another share her view that the stabbing should have happened, and the police move to halt that murder was a jailing offense for the officer who saved the girl in pink. (Or, 'other woman' as the New York Times insists.)

Jarrett, for one, re-narrative-ized the incident from 'stabbing' or 'attempted murder' to 'knife fight' even though only one participant had a knife.



She got scored a lot -- here's one tweet:



LeBron threw out his malevolent response to the incident where a girl about to be gutted with a knife was saved by the Columbus cop, by threatening the officer. According to TMZ:

A U.S. senator is accusing LeBron James of "inciting violence" against a police officer after the NBA superstar shared a photo of the cop with the caption "you're next."

LeBron posted -- and has since deleted -- a picture of the police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant during a violent incident Tuesday outside of a home in Columbus, Ohio.

Body cam footage shows Bryant in a physical altercation with two other people ... and it appears as if she's trying to lunge with a knife at one of the other girls.

James, whether he had the presence of mind to recognize how crazy he looked, trying to threaten the cop, or because his lawyer told him he was making himself a sitting duck for a big payout to that cop in a potential lawsuit, deleted his tweet later, claiming the problem was other people, not himself.

LeBron is explaining his decision to delete the controversial tweet ... saying his message was "being used to create more hate."
He added ... "This isn’t about one officer.  it’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism."
"I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY."
There also was low-I.Q. comedian Kathy Griffin, who got similarly scored for calling knifings a rite of passage:



The stupidity continues, and the left is twisting itself into pretzels to find some way to make that Columbus cop the bad guy and figure out a legal way to lynch him. It's mob activity in action and neither facts nor logic apply. The good thing about this is that people are starting to get onto them, starting to call them out for their hideous logic and willingness to defend the indefensible. Maybe this will raise questions in the public mind about whether these people are really our moral betters as the press claims.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of three cropped images, from Pixabay / Pixabay License.
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