More Biden 'dignity' for migrants: Overcrowded Tijuana border camp swells to hellish conditions

When Joe Biden took office, he promised amnesty, free health care, and a secure, 'dignified' entry to the U.S. for illegal migrants.

"If I'm elected president, we're going to immediately end Trump's assault on the dignity of immigrant communities. We're going to restore our moral standing in the world and our historic role as a safe haven for refugees and asylum-seekers," Biden said in his acceptance speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

Now that what he's delivered has been a border surge premised on his recission of President Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' migrant asylum protocols, as well as vowed to admit every unaccompanied child migrant the human smugglers can dump into the U.S. deserts, what he's delivered are child migrant centers packed to 1,600% capacity with kids stacked end on end like sardines as COVID rages through the facilities -- and squalid overcrowded migrant camps just south of the border. That's some 'dignity.'

 Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina noticed the irony.  According to his op-ed at Fox News (emphasis mine):

Our immigration system is so overwhelmed right now that many migrants are being housed in subpar conditions. There is nothing humane about seeing 4,000 migrants being held in a facility that is only supposed to hold 250 people under COVID-19 protocols. There is nothing humane about seeing unaccompanied children – including many toddlers – sleeping on floors in facilities after human smugglers abandoned them.

There is nothing safe or secure about cartels capitalizing on the current crisis. The cartels are using and exploiting children to distract Border Patrol while smugglers sneak across another area carrying drugs that will soon poison and kill Americans.

The Biden administration’s policies have fallen well short of being humane to migrants or strong on border security. As a result, we now have both a humanitarian and security crisis.

Heckuva job, Bidie.

Turns out that the wretched migrant detention facilities are not the only less-than-dignified entry for the would-be illegal migrants and asylum-claimants here.

In a little-known story out of Tijuana, the migrant camps awaiting Biden's approval for entry, are swelling to an unmanageable size:

According to Fox News (are these the only guys reporting actual news? Might be an additional reason we see ratings numbers like these, noted today by AT contributor Peter Chowka):

TIJUANA (Border Report) — In recent weeks, portable bathrooms and showers have gone up at the migrant campsite just south of the San Ysidro Port of Entry in Tijuana.

So have the complaints and the level of frustration among migrants living at the site, now an estimated 1,500 people.

Baja California health officials say COVID-19 cases are also on the upswing at the camp and have made another plea with asylum-seekers to vacate the area for health and safety reasons.

But as the camp enters its third month, people like Nicolas Diego, who is from Guatemala, say they are not going anywhere.

Like the others, Diego believes the Biden administration will eventually allow them into the U.S. in spite of the fact the White House has insisted only asylum-seekers with pending cases, who registered under the Migrant Protection Protocols period, will be able to cross the border.

This is what's known as 'news.' This is what's known as 'reporting.'

The conditions are not only inhumanly crowded in the U.S.-side migrant detention centers, formerly known as 'cages,' they're inhuman on the other side, too.

The migrants keep gathering because they've been convinced by the actions of Joe Biden that they're eventually going to get let in, the story reports.

And Biden has done nothing to disabuse them of this particular belief. When I first read about this shanty camp, probably the one nicknamed 'Esperanza' described in this Politico piece here, it had just 1,000 people. A month later, it's now reported to have 1,500, according to Fox. They are all expecting to be let in, and if not, well, they'll find another way as they're entitled. That's of a piece with a place that has grown very rapidly.

Imagine what that looks -- and smells like, given the absence of sanitation. Imagine the shakedowns from gangs going on as vulnerable people camp out in the open. The caravans were big bringers of crime and violence to TJ in the past -- odds are good that this new wave may well be doing the same. When people know they can't get in legally due to bad criminal records, they look for opportunities when Democrats effectively say the gate's open, which is what Biden is doing now. People judge Biden on his acts, not his words, and his acts, including acts of omission, are telling them to amass.

That's not just bad for them, it's bad for Tijuana, too. We already know that Tijuana's citizens include a large pro-Trump bunch, with many as opposed to illegal migration as are the people in the states. When the first leftwing-organized migrant caravans blew through in 2018, the Tijuana residents protested and chanted their support for President Trump and demanded that their city not be used as a transit point for all illegal comers. The growth of this new migrant camp there is likely to provoke a similar response, and with it, protests from Mexico City, which doesn't want the border towns to become restive, based on how it reacted in 2018. I wrote about that here, here, here, herehere and here.

Safe, dignified migration, Joe? Doesn't look like it. Not only are migrant cages in the states overcrowded, the migrants waiting on the other side are overcrowded and filling fuller, too. Nice going, Joe. As Bob Gates once said: Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue.

Certainly explains why he's trying to ignore it. But it doesn't make such a growing problem go away. This isn't dignity. Compared to President Trump's orderly migration policies, Biden's plan is migrant abuse.

Image: Screen shot from KPBS video, via shareable YouTube

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