Maxine Waters blows into Minnesota --with bodyguards; warns jury to vote her way or else

You'd think Rep. Maxine Waters, a radical leftist, might feel among friends among the rioters and looters of Minnesota. On a tour of the riots, seems she wasn't.

According to a tweet first spotted by Citizens Free Press:



Bodyguards? As in 'private police'? Were they actually private, or were they paid for in one way or another by some government fisk? Police for me, but not for thee? We thought she didn't like the police and wanted them defunded. Seems she does, but just for the poorest communities. 

It's kind of like her mansions in Los Angeles, actually, well away from the hoi polloi of mere voters in her congressional district, which is one of Los Angeles's poorest. Hypocrisy has always come easy for Maxine.

It gets worse when one looks at the content of some her remarks. 

A trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is going on, and instead of letting the trial take its course and not attempting to tamper with the jury as it makes its decision based on the facts of the case, Waters is telling the jury how they'd better vote:



Which is classic jury-tampering, raising the possibility that Chauvin's case is headed for a mistrial. Instead of allowing the courts to do their business and let the chips fall where they may, Waters is demanding a "guilty" verdict and vows that if there isn't one, then the protests and riots are to continue. She's still all in for "getting in their faces" as she's said in an earlier context.

Her tour of the riot scene is nothing but a bid to race-bait, jury tamper, and foment unrest in the name of keeping the racial grievance-mongering going. She's like a Sandalista, flying great distances in search of 'revolution,' while maintaining the safe haven of a wealthy home she can always fly back to after the damage is done. Laced with the hypocrisy of her own bodyguards, and the downright unethical, maybe illegal, bid to threaten a jury, it's nothing short of contemptible.

It ought be a GOP campaign ad somewhere.

Image: Unicorn Riot, via Twitter, screen shot



She was generally surrounded by an adoring press, which permitted her to carry through her 'narrative' denouncing conservatives and Republicans as Capitol rioters, but somehow, among this friendly crowd, with only the voice of a woman who was literally squawking 'move! move!' as Waters babbled, it didn't seem though bodyguards were all that critically needed. She also had a double-mask on, which is probably appropriate for someone of her advanced age, but she wasn't socially distancing. 


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