Man who ran across field during Chicago White Sox game held on higher bail than people charged with illegal gun possession

I am almost speechless, so I am quoting CWBChicago, essential reading for all who care about the unraveling of civil society in the Second City:

A suburban man who's accused of running onto the field during a White Sox game Friday evening got a good taste of Chicago's judicial system priorities when a judge ordered him held on a higher bail than some accused gun offenders received during the same felony bond court session.

Now, you might think that judges in Chicago — where just under 1,000 people have been shot already this year, 178 fatally — might consider illegal gun possession to be a greater concern to the community than a Sox fan's rollick across Guaranteed Rate Field. But Judge David Navarro apparently disagrees.

Navarro on Saturday ordered 19-year-old Liam Wolfer held in lieu of $5,000 bail on a charge of criminal trespass to a place of public amusement after prosecutors said the Plainfield resident dodged security officers while dashing from one foul pole to the other as the South Siders faced the Texas Rangers.

Wolfer, who prosecutors said has a pending misdemeanor DUI case in Will County, had to post a $500 deposit to get out of jail.

Here is a tweet with video of Wolfer's stunt:

Wolfer sounds like a jerk, and DUI is an offense that can kill innocents.  But in this instance, for disrupting a ball game, why does his offense merit higher bail than these people on the same day in the same courtroom?

During the same hearing, Navarro released no fewer than three men accused of felony illegal gun possession on their own recognizance — no money down, according to court records.

Or the same bail as:

Navarro allowed three other alleged gun offenders to go home for the same amount Wolfer had to pay.

These bail decisions have real consequences:

Records maintained by CWBChicago show that at least 17 people have been charged with murder, attempted murder, or shooting someone while out of jail on affordable bail amounts set by Navarro since 2019. That's far more than any of the other five judges who handle Chicago's felony bond court hearings.

President Biden's handlers tell him to say we need new gun laws to stem criminal shootings of people.  How about simply enforcing existing laws and taking those who violate them off the streets?

Or would that be "systemic racism"?

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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