Diamond Life: BLM founder dropped $26,000 at luxury Malibu resort, Daily Caller reports

Looks as if it's not just mansions for smooth operator Patrisse Cullors, who co-founded Black Lives Matter.

She's also into stretches at luxury resorts, with some very curious accounting.

According to an investigative report from the Daily Caller:

Los Angeles-based jail reform group led by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent nearly $26,000 for "meetings" at a luxury Malibu beach resort in 2019, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reform LA Jails dropped $10,179 for "meetings and appearances" at the Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club in Malibu, California, and another $15,593 at the Malibu Conference Center, a corporate conference facility owned by the resort, according to the records, which covered the time period between July and September 2019. Guests at the 200-acre resort, where rooms start at $600 a night, have exclusive access to a private five-acre strip of the Malibu coast.

That's all fine and dandy, but the records of the groups involved don't show any such "meetings," the Caller reported.

A review of Reform LA Jails' social media records shows that the group organized multiple events in the Los Angeles area in the second half of 2019, including a party at actress Jane Fonda's house and a "day party + summit" in Pasadena featuring live music and local artists.

But the DCNF was unable to locate any public records of the group holding an event at the Malibu beach resort.

That might mean that the "meeting" involved a lot of lounging around.  Some of it, yes, was for conference space, so some kind of meeting may have happened.  But a lot of it was not, and it was done in a three-month window in 2019.  Self-described "trained Marxist" Cullors elsewhere has dropped a cool $3.2 million on four houses and mansions, at least two of them in the Los Angeles area.  She couldn't hold these off-the-record "meetings" in one of those places?  Sounds a little funny.

The Malibu resort, in fact, is a pretty tony affair.  Rooms start at $669 a night for the cheapies ($839 with taxes and fees) and go up to $795 ($992 with taxes and fees) for the luxe ones, according to Expedia.  Membership rates may be lower, so if she's a repeat-customer member there, it's less, but either way, costs can pile up fast.  Amenities include a private beach, lake tours, pool, spa, air-conditioning, free wi-fi, and pet-friendliness.

And this is the only resort visit that we know about.  There could be others.

 The Caller continued:

"Reform LA Jails' filings raise a number of questions," said Peter Flaherty, the chairman of the conservative watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center. "An audit would establish whether any campaign funds were used for personal purposes."

BLM, in fact, has taken in tremendous corporate donations.  Following its trashing of American cities, leaving black shop-owners weeping in the ruins after losing all they had worked for in the BLM arson attacks, lootings, riots, and resulting public abandonment of the areas, corporate America lined up to donate to these trashers, in hopes the crocodile would eat them last.

Cullors, as noted earlier, is a "trained Marxist" and, through her co-founder, Opal Tometi, seems to learned her wokester shtick at the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez's knee — the nomenklatura part in particular, as if all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.  If the Caller could find this resort activity on someone claiming to fight for "the people," it's probable that a lot more of this stuff is going on.  Diamond life, as they say.  And sure enough, a smooth operator.

Image: American Luxury Limousine, via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

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