Leftists say Dr. Seuss is bad for kids, but homoerotic satanism? Meh.

The story that hit the newspapers was that a singer named Lil Nas X ("LNX") was selling 666 pairs of "Nike" shoes that had a pentagram on them and a drop of human blood.  Nike promptly disavowed the shoes and sued LNX.  But that's not the real story at all.  The real story is that LNX, after deliberately cultivating an audience comprising elementary school children, released a filthy song accompanied by a gorgeously produced, semi-pornographic video that ends with LNX doing the dirty in Satan's lap, killing Satan, and taking his place.

Much was made today of a Gallup poll showing that, in the last 20 years, there's been a precipitous 20-percentage-point decline in American religious affiliation, with the numbers of those attending a church, synagogue, or mosque dropping from less than half of adult Americans belong to a place of worship.

Perhaps that drop might not have been so steep if they'd included Satanic houses of worship.  Certainly, the pop culture world is doing its best to fill the pews of that faith.  And there's the rampant Gaia-worship, complete with human sacrifice (AKA abortion), that is sold as "scientific" climate change.

All this is relevant to the story of the LNX "MONTERO" video.

I'd never heard of LNX before the Nike shoe story.  However, if I'd been five years old, I might have been a big fan.  In 2019, LNX released a song called "Old Town Road" with Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus's failure as a father).  It's a sort of country funk fusion, with nasty lyrics about drugs and women.  For some reason, its relentless chanting rhythm made it a huge hit with the younger set.

LNX cultivated this young audience.  In a popular YouTube video, he went to an elementary school, all decked out in jewelry featuring crosses, and delighted the children, who screamed out every word of "Old Town Road":

LNX even took his act to Sesame Street and sang Elmo's song with Elmo:

As a further sign of the push to capture children, there's even an authorized "KIDS BOP" version with the same nasty lyrics.

And then, a week ago, LNX dropped the song and video "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)."  As of this writing, the video has been viewed over 61 million times.  In it, the hypnotic song is accompanied by a dazzlingly produced video with incredibly lush images and colors.  Children will be fascinated.

In theory, the song is about LNX being true to himself and his sexuality because "Montero" is his real name.  In fact, the video is a fusion of drag, gay sexual activity, and Satanism.  The lyrics are incredibly obscene.  For the long explanation, I recommend The Vigilant Citizen's review, which decodes the occult symbolism rife in the music and fashion industries.  (I recommend the whole Vigilant Citizen website.  At first, I thought it was over-the-top, finding the occult and mind control where none exists.  Of late, I'm increasingly certain it's accurate.)

Here's the short version: LNX is sitting under a tree in a surrealistic garden singing when an androgynous serpent seduces him.  Next, he's in a stadium that's a cross between the court of Louis XVI and the Colosseum in which Christians were martyred, complete with bondage gear and feathers.  From there, LNX, in sequined leather pants and high heels, slides down a stripper pole to Hell, enters Satan's palace, crawls onto Satan's lap, and clearly engages in, um, let's call it twerky sexual congress.  LNX then kills Satan and takes his place.  End of video.

Here's the video, but I warn you that it's obscene and disgusting:

Not only is the video perverse and disturbing, but it's also readily available to anyone on YouTube, including an internet-savvy child.  Meanwhile, YouTube has censored Dennis Prager videos for years.  It also just demonetized and locked Steve Crowder's account.  Conservative things are verboten, while perverse sex and Satan worship are A-OK for the tech tyrants.

(LNX also made a short, narcissistic, and homoerotic "angelic" instrumental version of the song with an acoustic guitar — but no one cares.)

So, to sum it up: A marginally talented man spent two years deliberately cultivating an audience of very young children.  He then produced a video celebrating Satan and gay sexual behavior that is available, without limitation, on YouTube.  But all that our sad, sick media cares about is the fact that Nike is suing this man for trademark infringement.

Meanwhile, elementary schools are declaring several Dr. Seuss books off-limits because they have old-fashioned portrayals of Inuits and Chinese people.  And Americans have abandoned traditional monotheistic religions.

Image: Lil Nas X and Satan.  YouTube screen grab.