It's amateur hour at the White House when the Japanese prime minister visits

On Friday, Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga became the first world leader to visit the Biden White House.  These visits help set the tone for an administration.  That being the case, the new administration's tone is inept and rude.  Biden was also absent for the first part of it, leaving an awkward Kamala Harris to trash the U.S. for gun violence before turning to welcome Suga.  When Biden took over, things went downhill.

Much as the media liked to present President Trump as a coarse madman, he was in fact a polished man of the world.  He was entirely comfortable in the presence of world leaders, and they seemed to like him.  The opposite is true with Harris and Biden.

The problems began the moment the prime minister arrived at the White House.  According to The Conservative Treehouse, there was "no-one greeting the head of the Japanese government upon arrival.  When you consider the leftist narrative about stopping Asian hate, there is a rather ironic aspect to this visit and snub."  Things didn't get better after that.

Normally, when a foreign head of state arrives, the president gives him a formal greeting.  This time, however, the president was nowhere to be found.  Instead, the president-in-waiting, Kamala Harris, was the speaker.  Her statement was awful in so many ways.

To begin with, her affect was off.  She spoke in a bizarre, stilted tone.  She seemed to be trying to avoid the ugly American stereotype of speaking loudly to someone who doesn't speak English.  Harris was obviously nervous — and you don't get to be obviously nervous when you're at her level of politics.

Even worse, Harris used the opportunity of this introduction to push for gun control by lambasting America as a place drowning in gun violence.  This was neither the time nor the place for anything other than a moment to express sympathy for the tragedy:

When Biden finally appeared on the scene, he congratulated Suga for the fact that a Japanese man, Hideki Matsuyama, 29, had won the prestigious Masters golf championship.  But typical Biden — what he said was disastrous, for he called Matsuyama "a Japanese boy."  Apparently, Biden had a flashback to his first days in the Senate when the White supremacists who were his best buddies called any man who wasn't white a "boy."

When the two leaders finally sat down across from each other, Biden, who has been vaccinated but still wore two masks, was unable to state a simple welcome.  Instead, he bent his head down to mumble his way through the little statement his puppetmasters had prepared for him.

The whole thing was embarrassing.  The White House was ill prepared, Kamala was deeply inappropriate, and Biden was...Biden, which means he was dysfunctional and even more inappropriate than Kamala.  Suga, who was impeccably polite, must have wondered what madness seized the American people when they put these two anti-American clowns in the White House.

Image: Kamala Harris welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Suga.  YouTube screen grab.

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