I am a '2020 Doubter'

In the 18th Century, George Berkeley asked, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

In 2021, I ask, "What if widespread treason happened in Washington in 2020 and the media refused to report it and the swamp collaborated?  Did treason really happen?"

Shakespeare used to invent words all the time.  In this make-believe era of 2021, I hereby coin the term "2020 Doubter."  I am a 2020 Doubter.

I cannot prove my suspicion that anti-Trump forces worldwide joined together before the 2020 election to deny Trump a second term.

I cannot prove they invited China to release a biological weapon that hurt all countries except China.

I cannot prove that former president Barack Obama was at the forefront of this conspiracy.

I cannot prove that Cabinet departments supposedly working for President Trump were actually undermining him every chance they got.

I cannot prove that the American government no longer serves the interests of the American people and, instead, now serves the interests of the Democratic Party and Uncle Xi Jinping.

I cannot prove that America, which once was a proud and independent democratic country, is now a servant of communist Chinese interests.

I cannot prove that these suspicions are true because the entities created to investigate these matters have been bought and paid for by Communist China.  Even if I could prove these things, I fear that no one would care.

Then again, maybe I am wrong, and people do care.  Maybe this is so fresh and unprecedented that millions are still in shock.  I know I am.  Maybe there are lots of people who want to save America from the perilous path Puppeteer Obama and his minions plan for us.  Maybe we need time for the scales to fall from our eyes.  For those who pray to God, maybe this is a time to pray harder.

As I consider where we are, I feel as if we are in London after the Blitz.  Like Hitler and Goering, Obama and his boys bombed the hell out of us, and it is breathtaking.  But Churchill and the U.K. did not surrender.  They endured their darkest hour and showed Hitler and the world amazing grit as they rebuilt London into a modern and vibrant city.

The forces against us bombed us into next week, yet they want us to pretend a blitz did not happen.  Now they want us to move on whistling into their future.  They want us to fall in line and accept their twisted version of reality.  They want us to accept their legitimacy.

Like Trump, I am not ready to concede.  I am a 2020 Doubter.

Image: Doubt (cropped) by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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