Head of woke school admits Critical Race Theory has a serious problem

Paul Rossi was a math teacher at the prestigious Grace Church school in New York.  However, when he suggested that the school's deep dive into a woke "anti-racist" curriculum was racist and students were being silenced, the school shut him down.  Rossi then wrote an open letter that went deservedly viral, leading to his being fired.  Rossi next pointed out that the head of the school had agreed with him that the Critical Race Theory operating in the school was anti-White.  When the school head denied saying that, Rossi had the receipts to prove he was lying.  It's time to call all these people to account.

Grace Church High School in Manhattan charges parents $57,330 per year to *ahem* "educate" their children.  Of late, education in woke enclaves has gone by the wayside.  Instead, it's Critical Race Theory (CRT) all the way down.  As with all these leftist schools, you can see how extreme it is by looking at its "Statement on Inclusive Language," which it wrote after it decided to purge language to meet leftist demands, and its statement about "Antiracism, Equity & Belonging," which reflects its obsession with and abasement before CRT.

Upset by the way in which CRT is demonizing Whites, warping reality, and shutting down critical thinking, Rossi wrote an open letter describing the essentially Maoist struggle sessions taking place in the school.  In the letter, he explained how, when he politely challenged the anti-white racism inherent in this thinking, the head of the school insisted that he had "harmed" students, and

created "dissonance for vulnerable and unformed thinkers" and "neurological disturbance in students' beings and systems." The school's director of studies added that my remarks could even constitute harassment.

Grace Church High School then did what all leftist institutions do when they are intellectually and ideologically challenged: it fired Rossi.  That was a mistake, since Rossi doubled down on his attacks.  The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR) published the letter Rossi wrote to the head of the school, George P. Davison, upon receiving word that he'd been terminated:

In the letter, Rossi quoted Davison on several points.  The most pertinent for this post was that Rossi says Davis "admitted to me that Grace Church is, in fact, 'demonizing white people for being born,' and that the school is making white students 'feel less than, for nothing that they are personally responsible for.'"  In other words, Davison understands how perniciously racist the school's anti-racist activities are, but he continues engaging in them and fired Rossi for challenging them.

Davison denied uttering those words:

You misquoted me and attributed to me things that I had never said nor would ever say in the press. Your actions were unprofessional and I still defended your right to have a point of view. I will not in an email get into a point by point rebuttal because I know that you are not trustworthy given your past performance.

It seems that Davison didn't pay attention to himself when he was speaking. In fact, Rossi had recordings and he was quoting Davison exactly:

This is the immorality of the woke leftists: they know that what they're doing is racist, indecent, and harmful, and they do it anyway.  Whether they hope the alligator will eat them last, or they'll do anything for power, or they are simply faddish cultists doesn't matter.  They're knowingly engaged in evil acts that will hurt individuals and tear this nation apart.  Kudos to Rossi for waging this war.  We need more like him.

(Incidentally, New York is a "one-party consent" state when it comes to recording telephone conversations.  In other words, Rossi was perfectly within his rights to record a telephone call in which he participated.)

Image: Grace Church High School by Beyond My Ken. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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