Head of teachers’ union doesn’t understand math

I don’t think there is any fixing anymore that could cure the problems of government schools (incorrectly called “public schools” in this country). The only solution that has any prospect of restoring the availability of quality education for all children in this country is to start funding children with vouchers for parents to use at the schools of their choice. Parents have the best interests of their children at heart far more than do the bureaucrats that run government schools.

So corrupt has the education industry become, so low have fallen the standards to qualify as a teacher in government schools that the head of the American Federation of Teachers proudly published a tweet demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the fundamentals of arithmetic.

115% of mothers with young children left their jobs in 2020 because of childcare responsibilities.

In addition to being an appalling math dummy, Ms. Weingarten is also a scapegoater of Jews. She is a childless lesbian, trained as a lawyer with no classroom experience, and on top of that, is an admitted plagiarist.

Photo credit: AFGE Legislative Conference CC BY 2.0  license

This is the quality of person chosen by government schoolteachers themselves to head up their union. There is no fixing such a group other than to force them to compete with other schools run by other people who are not beholden to government bureaucracies. Let the existing government schools and their massive, expensive bureaucracies compete with new schools set up by teachers fleeing the governemnt systems as well as newcomers to the teaching profession. Receiving the same monies per pupil as the government schools, but with no need for the vast bureaucracies, they could offer higher pay and more professional scope, and recruit both experienced and newcomer teachers of much higher quality. Niche schools for those with developmental disabilities, for gifted children, for those with vocational not academic ambitions, and every other imaginable need could flourish. All given the same funding per student.

Bureaucrats, unions, and the politicians they back all understand that the inferior product they offer could not withstand open market competition. The only chance to implement this transformational policy would come if honest elections in 2022 and 2024 hand executive and legisaltive power to the GOP at state and federal levels, along with the guts to insist on the same order of change that Democrats now plan to impose on the slimmest of majorities.

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