Has there ever been a political group with a shakier foundation than Evangelicals for Biden?

This is a real group, and it premises its support for Biden on his character and his Christian faith. Before the election, members justified their backing for this abortion-supporter this way (emphasis in original):

Joe Biden is a man like any other, but his character and faith set him apart in times of crisis. That's why Evangelical Christians across the country will be voting for him in November.

Joe Biden has suffered, struggled, and been humbled by life. He understands what regular Americans are facing. He has repeatedly said that his faith is what sustained him through his most difficult times.

That same authentic and humble trust in God that has guided his life will be the foundation of Joe Biden's Presidency as he leads the United States back to times of unity and prosperity.

Not the Bee, which is also an organization with evangelical roots, points out what they have enabled:

I will presume that Evangelicals for Biden is a sincere group.  If so, how do these people square Biden’s behavior with their faith in his “authentic and humble trust in God”?  What do they think about the faith of medical professionals compelled to perform surgery that mutilates God’s design?

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