Dem state rep threatens troopers during drunk driving arrest, wants 'IDs, badge numbers' for 'when I call Gretchen'

Michigan state representative Jewell Jones went from being notable as the youngest ever member of the Michigan State House of Representatives to notorious as a drunk driver who tried to throw his weight around as a pol when he was caught after terrifying motorists for almost 50 miles and eventually rolling into a ditch.  And it's all caught on video.

Here's the account from Dem-friendly NBC News:

During a DUI arrest earlier this month, a Michigan lawmaker boasted about his ties to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and warned officers he helps sets the state police budget, authorities said.

State Rep. Jewell Jones crashed his Chevy Tahoe, with the vanity plate "ELECTED," into a ditch near Fowlerville on April 6 before struggling with police as they arrested him, according to state police and Livingston County prosecutors.

Jones, 26, was shocked twice with a Taser and hit with pepper spray before he was handcuffed, state police said.

During the tussle, Jewell allegedly warned troopers that their actions are "not going to be good for you," according to a state police report. "I run y'all budget, bro."

When troopers threatened to hit Jones, he allegedly told them, "if you strike me, it's going to be bad for you" and "I'll call Governor Whitmer right now," the incident report said.

Later during the struggle, Jones said, "when I call Gretchen," he'd need badge numbers for all the state troopers and Fowlerville police officers on the scene, according to the state police report.

This TV news report from Detroit Channel 4 puts together dashcam video with video shot inside the police car after Jones was apprehended, and is worth watching for its full 73 seconds:

Jones's mug shot.

The Michigan GOP gleefully took to Twitter to add details about the incident, including Jones's female companion and her role in the arrest:

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