Cultural revolution in the burbs

I have two teenagers who attend the local public high school in our leafy inner-ring suburb of a Midwestern city.  My wife and I were attracted to this community 20+ years ago by its beautiful old houses, quiet streets, and tolerant and diverse citizens.  Judging by the ubiquitous yard signs blossoming over the past few years, it remains a Mecca for liberal-minded folk who proudly and publicly declare that Black Lives Matter, Love Is Love, Science Is Real, No Firearms Found Here, etc., etc.  Perhaps most importantly, the school district has an outstanding reputation for educating open-minded, bright, and talented youths. 

But oh, what a mirage! 

Earlier this month, the school board announced its approval of a new anti-bias, anti-racism policy.  With its declaration, the board implicitly acknowledged its own past racism.  After all, why would the new policy be needed if not for their failings?  I was thus stunned to learn that racism had existed to such a degree in our seemingly virtuous yard sign–festooned little town that the school board felt compelled to create an entirely new bureaucracy to rid the district of it, root and branch.

One hopes the efforts of the highly paid head of this new anti-racism campaign will begin by holding to account those in positions of power within the school district for allowing such intolerable conditions of racism and bias to exist heretofore unchecked.  Indeed, the eggs of bias must be cracked and transformed into omelets of equity.  I for one look forward to members of the board and its superintendent publicly recounting their past racist sins and what steps toward redemption they intend to make.  During China's Cultural Revolution, those accused of ideological impurities wore dunce caps during their necessary humiliations.  Such should be considered here.  No doubt the district's top-notch new workforce of racially conscious and culturally competent administrative, instructional, and support personnel would create a dunce cap design reflecting the true cultural diversity of our community.  Godspeed to them.

Image: Rept0n1x.

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